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Heynony t1_iu9r83a wrote

I saw the ads and Jahana Hayes is apparently responsible for global inflation and the global recession that may happen next year or sometime in the next few years. She is, according to these ads, a very very bad person.

Seems like we need to vote against her to eliminate global inflation and prevent this possible future recession from happenning. Seems like a good deal.


elizabif t1_iuaxo6p wrote

She also has been seen putting on a coat (they keep using this one shot…)


Heynony t1_iub0i6d wrote

> She also has been seen putting on a coat

I had no idea. Why isn't she in jail. much less running for office?


BeerJunky t1_iuazo3j wrote

I still don’t get the coat shot. Is it Versace or something?


elizabif t1_iub83el wrote

I don’t think so but it looks nice on her.


happyjammy123 t1_iubaflm wrote

What a waste of money, spending time putting on a coat, what kind of message does that send, its gonna be a cold winter?


SomaCityWard t1_iubite0 wrote

Amazing how powerful state reps are! Must be the deep state at work!


FxTree-CR2 t1_iuc4yoh wrote

It’s wild to me because… I visited her office and the offices of a few members of the CT delegation on a couple of work trips.

While it was always functional, effective, sharp, and knowledgeable, It was also always the most disorganized of them all.

Now to be totally clear, that’s not specifically on Hayes herself — her office staff were mostly people starting out. Most House offices of members who aren’t long-standing Reps and/or members without nationally recognized names are staffed this way (universally statute instituted abhorrent pay) and are just as if not MORE disorganized.

(I prefer this tbh because I don’t think members should be incumbents for life, so ofc there’s turnover and less opportunity for people to use the name to get into lobbying firms.)

But for people to actually believe one Junior member can be the cause of any major issue is… laughable at best.

People are stupid.


MikeSCARN95 t1_iud9wxr wrote

If your mind is changed by a political ad on TV I'd say you probably shouldn't be voting.


Jayson_n_th_Rgonauts t1_iudfqv5 wrote

This shows a poor understanding of advertising


MikeSCARN95 t1_iudh3b7 wrote

No no, I understand advertising pretty well, I'm not saying they don't work on people, I'm saying those the commercials work on shouldn't be voting.


Jayson_n_th_Rgonauts t1_iudhjt8 wrote

But it’s not like one commercial works on practically anybody, they just slowly wear down your subconscious over months, years, decades


MikeSCARN95 t1_iuel9ci wrote

...and political ads aren't run for years or decades.


Heynony t1_iudxl4o wrote

You seem to be suggesting that Jahana Hayes is NOT a very very bad person. How could that be? All these random people in the ads over & over again say she's done all these terrible things to the world economy; they wouldn't lie to us, would they?


MikeSCARN95 t1_iuelpp7 wrote

I dont know what the downvoting is for, this is my point. If you believe the things mentioned about Rep. Hayes (or just about any other politician) in a 30 second hit add, than you shouldn't be voting in an election as you're likely clueless.