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hymen_destroyer t1_iuaibko wrote

She had a tumultuous freshmen term, got her name put on some unpopular proposals, and was seen as a weak link in the democratic stranglehold on the state so they went after her pretty hard.

I've actually met her, she's a pretty cool person and very much pro-labor. Unfortunately she doesn't represent my district so I can't vote for her


btmc t1_iub3m1e wrote

Her main weakness is simply that she has the most Republican district in the state. Very few voters know anything about the record of their member of Congress.

The GOP also somehow managed to not shoot themselves in the foot and nominated a superficially moderate Black man with a Latina mother. He is also carefully avoiding any mention of his political affiliation in his ads and campaign materials. I have to imagine the vast majority of other Republican candidates in the district would not do as well against her.