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happyjammy123 t1_iub5j1c wrote

I believe he's running as a Republican


btmc t1_iuba1gn wrote

Yeah, obviously, but all his iconography is blue and his ads and campaign materials scrupulously avoid saying that he’s a Republican.


MCFRESH01 t1_iudygsi wrote

Republicans everywhere are removing their party from their advertising materials.


Flat-Discussion-314 t1_iue92cw wrote

I think it is a good idea to choose a candidate based on their expressed stances on issues rather than the R or D next to their name.


MCFRESH01 t1_iueatiu wrote

Normally I would agree, but unfortunately giving the Rs a majority in either chamber is not something I would like to see happen right now


FarcicalArse t1_iuc558f wrote

Crazy how everyone is downvoting you for whatever you say just because you don’t fully agree with one side 😂