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happyjammy123 t1_iubl9bl wrote

Well I can only speak for myself. I accepted the results then and still do. I just don't believe all Republicans are election deniers. I'm not saying there isn't any but I also recognize that there are election deniers from 2016, but I don't believe all Democrats are election deniers either


SomaCityWard t1_iuf6o0j wrote

Who claimed that all republicans are election deniers?

You were responding to somebody who simply said it would be a shame if we sent one to congress.

Who are the election deniers from 2016? Clinton conceded.


AGBULLBEAR t1_iubq51y wrote

I remember more dems denying bush won in FL


SamuraiPanda19 t1_iudxk20 wrote

Are you retarded? is the Florida’s Supreme Court making the counters stop counting the votes the same thing as saying the ghost of Hugo Chavez and other dead communists are switching the votes inside the voting machine?


AGBULLBEAR t1_iue83k3 wrote

If you don’t understand the example try the 2016 russia stole the election narrative


SamuraiPanda19 t1_iue8opn wrote

Yes that’s literally what I’m commenting about. The dems thing was Russia made memes on Facebook and it’s impossible to know how much that actually influenced people. A lot different than saying communists ghosts went into voting machines and changed the votes


FatherofZeus t1_iubxs60 wrote

Did you even read this garbage? Lmfao

>Democrats have undercut the strengthening of election laws designed to safeguard against corruption by claiming voter suppression. Usually this is done by falsely claiming Republicans are trying to disenfranchise Black voters.

>Democrats also damage the election process each time they suggest the Electoral College is unfair.

How are either of those remotely similar to what the MAGAs are doing? JFC


SamuraiPanda19 t1_iudxtn5 wrote

They genuinely don’t understand asking if Russia made Facebook memes that may have influenced votes is the same thing as saying the votes in the voting machine were just overturned, even in the races where republicans won and Biden lost. Imagine how much of a loser you’d have to be as an elected official to actually go along with that


happyjammy123 t1_iubz6rw wrote

I was just pointing out that election denying has been going on by both parties long before 2020 that's all I was looking to point out. I honestly can't answer the question you posed about MAGA weirdoes I don't associate with those criminals


FatherofZeus t1_iuc0csz wrote

That article cites that Democrat’s deny elections because Democrats fight against disenfranchising black voters and correctly say that the electoral college system is inherently unfair.

That is not election denying and you need to pull your head out.

The BoTh SiDeS anti-intellectualism is taking us straight to hell


happyjammy123 t1_iuc0ux1 wrote

It's in the title, that Dems have a long history of election denialism


SomaCityWard t1_iuf74du wrote

Something being claimed in a title does not make it true.


ImNotAnybodyShhhhhhh t1_iud4xkq wrote

There’s a difference between a baseline grasp of arithmetic, and doing a tantrum so hard it makes you a literal terrorist. Sure, they’re both technically demonstrations of the same vague thing, but to conflate them is just… why have you hit send on so many replies like this is okay of you?


gatogrande t1_iubn4m9 wrote

So is Hilly…so is Stacy Abraham’s…not invented by republicans. Hanging chad anyone?


SomaCityWard t1_iuf7l5p wrote

Hillary conceded the election THE NEXT DAY.

Stacy Abrahm's opponent was also overseeing the election he was running in. The conflict of interest was as plain as day. And she also conceded. Why are you lying?

Why did the GOP court stop the recount if they had nothing to hide? Hanging chad, indeed.


gatogrande t1_iuia0rn wrote

Here's some lies - and Hilly and her 4 year baseless Russian probe - - TLDR : Trump "knows he’s an illegitimate president," Clinton said. "I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories — he knows that — there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did … I know he knows this wasn’t on the level."


happyjammy123 t1_iubptzg wrote

Oh yes I forgot about those hanging Chad's, bothersome little buggers