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happyjammy123 t1_iubz6rw wrote

I was just pointing out that election denying has been going on by both parties long before 2020 that's all I was looking to point out. I honestly can't answer the question you posed about MAGA weirdoes I don't associate with those criminals


FatherofZeus t1_iuc0csz wrote

That article cites that Democrat’s deny elections because Democrats fight against disenfranchising black voters and correctly say that the electoral college system is inherently unfair.

That is not election denying and you need to pull your head out.

The BoTh SiDeS anti-intellectualism is taking us straight to hell


happyjammy123 t1_iuc0ux1 wrote

It's in the title, that Dems have a long history of election denialism


SomaCityWard t1_iuf74du wrote

Something being claimed in a title does not make it true.


ImNotAnybodyShhhhhhh t1_iud4xkq wrote

There’s a difference between a baseline grasp of arithmetic, and doing a tantrum so hard it makes you a literal terrorist. Sure, they’re both technically demonstrations of the same vague thing, but to conflate them is just… why have you hit send on so many replies like this is okay of you?