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Screaming_brain t1_iu7ndv1 wrote

That was the truth. He's lying now.

Fuck off Bob.


djdeforte t1_iu90110 wrote

And made his children lie in that commercial saying he’s “nice” and “pro choice” guy is trash.


happyjammy123 t1_iu7hrzp wrote

If I only had a dollar for everytime a politician 'misspoke'


Kodiak01 t1_iu9a2jq wrote

Is it misspoke or misremembered?

For that you first have to define what Is, Is.


kaw027 t1_iu7mrg8 wrote

Guy doesn’t even have the cajones to stick to his positions. Political backbone of a chocolate éclair


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iu7qx6q wrote

I'm fine with a politician that changes their view on things. As long as they're consistent overall.

The entirety of the conservative sales pitch to America is based on lie after lie though, and lacks any consistency whatsoever other than black and brown people are scary and rich guys need tax cuts.


ctusa73 t1_iu7kveb wrote

I think this guy just likes to make campaign money. Looks easier than investment in child labor and payday loans.


LT_Blount t1_iu885dk wrote

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."


billybobwillyt t1_iu8j9qv wrote

More like, said the quiet part out loud.


Aphroditaeum t1_iu8jfm6 wrote

Another lying Republican shit bag terrorist.


RealFlyForARyGuy t1_iu92zpk wrote

Lol "whoops people don't agree with my shitty ideas, tou guys i totally meant not that and what you wanted to hear, trust me bros".

So tired of these politicians. Just cat shit wrapped in dog shit smeared with whale shit at this point


Mobile-Animal-649 t1_iu9rke6 wrote

But but but his daughters said he’s pro choice on the commercial

Unreal. F this asshat


Sayoria t1_iub8es9 wrote

Just like all the conservative judges on the SCOTUS.


StrikeUsDown t1_iubjpsi wrote

I think this is the earnest position but for some reason he's recently been trying to appeal to the farthest-right voices he can, in a state that is moderate at best. There's his flip-flopping on abortion and a "wink wink" position on vaccine mandates.

I realize there are a number of "-tucky" enclaves in the state. I think he knows he's chances to win are small and these folks are his only shot at getting close.


Knineteen t1_iu90xuo wrote

People in CT get very testy when you take away their access to killing babies.


pilcase t1_iu97gk5 wrote

88% of abortions happen in the first trimester.
99% happen in the first two trimesters.

If you're getting an abortion in the last trimester, it means something has gone horribly wrong - and that baby isn't living anyway.


Knineteen t1_iu9c76p wrote

And if you don’t support elective abortions in the third trimester then you are anti-abortion.


bdy435 t1_iu9bqnu wrote

Zygotes are not babies and you will never carry one.

So mind your own business.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8px2q wrote

“This is the biggest campaign issue” ~ Susan Bysewicz. Not Eversource, not the shootings in Hartford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Haven, Bristol, New Britain, not the failing education system, not the ever growing drug and addiction problem. Nope. The biggest issue is young ladies with a breeding fetish wanting to get creampied and then kill it a couple months later.


ProInvestCK t1_iu8u0jq wrote

Failing education system? We rank as top 3. We’ve always been strong there.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8u9jx wrote

Top three in an ever decreasing public school system. This isn’t new and I’m not blaming anyone but that’s just a fact the US has been on the decline for quite some time.


roo-ster t1_iu8tlc8 wrote

What she actually said:

> “This is the biggest campaign issue — or one of the biggest — that we face...”


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8tu3n wrote

Is it though? Tell you what. Have the government stop forcing me to pay for it and I’ll start a free Uber and drive those fetuses to their death. But you gotta pick up the tab.


Historical_Baker_00 t1_iu9d9h4 wrote

So you would rather pay for thier whole lifetime? Joke of an argument.


Joggingmusic t1_iucw5j5 wrote

No remember - they’re pro-life until it’s you know, a life. Then fuck the children, they are on their own!


roo-ster t1_iu9qbpw wrote

> Is it though?

Yes. It's a word-for-word quote, including an extremely relevant part that you intentionally and dishonestly left out.


CalligrapherDizzy201 t1_iu8qh7l wrote

You about to get slammed for this. Lol.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8qz7e wrote

I’m excited! People literally cannot afford to heat their homes and are making difficult choices about what they’re going to give up to make ends meet and the Lt Gov says the biggest issue is young women taking loads and changing their minds when their Machine Gun Kelly nuts and runs. If there could be a limit set on “recreational” abortion more people would be accepting.


CalligrapherDizzy201 t1_iu8r8u3 wrote

Recreational abortion. Lol you be tripping. And even if it were a thing, so what. It affects your life in no way whatsoever.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8sem1 wrote

You’re right. Breeding fetish chicks full on slaughtering their potential offspring, political figures convincing young women if they don’t kill their kids they aren’t empowered, and the mental illnesses that plague a woman after killing their children (I’ve dated a lot of women and most of them have/had multiple abortions) doesn’t affect me personally. But it does affect the society in which I am forced to interact with. And then to say that’s the biggest issue compared to everything we face is insulting.


CalligrapherDizzy201 t1_iu8t8vr wrote

You are aware they aren’t kids, right? Make sure you wrap up or your potential crotch goblins may get aborted. Which would probably help society. One of you is far more than enough.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8umpc wrote

I don’t know if I’ve ever caused a woman to destroy a life that I too part in creating. Because I don’t have reproductive rights. I would have been financially responsible for him or her though. This whole argument has lots of facets but the longer you have it the plainer you see that this mostly about womens freedom from the responsibility of their own decisions and choices.


BullMoose86 t1_iu8uo93 wrote

“I’ve dated a lot of women…” 😂😂😂


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8vc9o wrote

Dated. Fucked. Whichever. Many of them I dated or talked to long enough to hear about their past shitty decisions to back barebacked and then have to go shopvac that thing out of them. My argument may sound pro life. It isn’t. I actually believe there should be more. It just shouldn’t be taxpayer funded. The bill should be the responsibility of the two fucktards that made the decision. I’m what you’d call a Planned Parenthood purist.


greenday61892 t1_iu959fd wrote

This entire comment is one big r/thathappened


deceptacle1980 t1_iu96rlu wrote

Are you invalidating my experiences with women and the personal conversations I’ve had with them about how they felt, continue to feel, and the complications they suffered as a result because you don’t like what I wrote? I may be a fuckin dick but I don’t do that. Hearing these stories better shaped my feelings and opinions about abortions as I used to be firmly against it. I no longer feel that way however the people that created that situation should be financially responsible for it. I also thinks it is irresponsible to say that is the biggest issue in CT since we’ve already declared CT an abortion sanctuary.


bdy435 t1_iu9c8uf wrote

> young ladies with a breeding fetish

Is that what you people call host organisms now?

Are you one of those "pro life" people who support the death penalty and oppose universal heath care?


deceptacle1980 t1_iu9e4ut wrote

Nope. Pro choice. I don’t feel as though the cost should be subsidized. An abortion is what? 500? 600? That’s less than a 2 week paycheck from Starbucks


Kilo5117 t1_iu939te wrote

Idk why you are getting downvoted. People just can’t handle reality. The truth scares them so they jump on any bandwagon.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu95aa7 wrote

Even being pro choice I don’t have the same reasoning therefore downvotes. It’s fairly common with groupthink. Nothing is more important than abortion.


bdy435 t1_iu9ct6z wrote

If you havent had a vasectomy, fuck off.

It takes 2 to procreate, and one is usually male.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu9dqc1 wrote

I specifically said both fucktards should be financially responsible for the shop vaccing and scrambling of the fetus. If you could read instead of bashing your head against a keyboard you’d have seen that so go get a hysterectomy and shut the fuck up.


bdy435 t1_iu9e289 wrote

If you havent had a vasectomy, you dont get to whine.

If you could read instead of bashing your head against a keyboard you’d have seen that so shut the fuck up.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu9eezn wrote

So I have to have a medical procedure to have an opinion? Go get sterilized so you won’t have to shopvac your kids out or shut the fuck up.


bdy435 t1_iu9etgt wrote

No one cares about your ignorant opinion, outside of its entertainment value.

Also, you might enjoy twitter. Its now being run by another self absorbed asshole.


CT_Patriot t1_iu87dea wrote

Oh and your President Bidumb is such a oral orator.🙄


G3Saint t1_iu8qkeu wrote

That's right!, the orange head didn't beat around the bush when he said to just grab women by the p**** to pick them up.


CT_Patriot t1_iu8rwgg wrote

Wow, gee that's terrible ... But he wasn't President one, and two, doesn't risk damage to America or make us look weak to our adversaries.


G3Saint t1_iu8v9h2 wrote

Trump was one of the weakest foreign policy president ever,- throws our allies under the bus, hands off Afghanistan to the taliban, turns over Syria to the Russians, and appeases his boy Putin.


flatdanny t1_iu9xmtn wrote

Trump was an international laughing stock. They only feared the clown because he had the nuclear football.


Kilo5117 t1_iu93pxd wrote

Come on man, I mean think about it…Biden has been maligned enough. He was not the bottom of his class in law school, and he did March in the civil frights movement, he did get arrested with Mandela and he didn’t plagiarize speeches and for sure didn’t know about or profit from his crackhead son’s shenanigans 😶‍🌫️ come on man, think about it. - watch me get downvoted for saying the truth.