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CT_Patriot t1_iu87dea wrote

Oh and your President Bidumb is such a oral orator.🙄


G3Saint t1_iu8qkeu wrote

That's right!, the orange head didn't beat around the bush when he said to just grab women by the p**** to pick them up.


CT_Patriot t1_iu8rwgg wrote

Wow, gee that's terrible ... But he wasn't President one, and two, doesn't risk damage to America or make us look weak to our adversaries.


G3Saint t1_iu8v9h2 wrote

Trump was one of the weakest foreign policy president ever,- throws our allies under the bus, hands off Afghanistan to the taliban, turns over Syria to the Russians, and appeases his boy Putin.


flatdanny t1_iu9xmtn wrote

Trump was an international laughing stock. They only feared the clown because he had the nuclear football.


Kilo5117 t1_iu93pxd wrote

Come on man, I mean think about it…Biden has been maligned enough. He was not the bottom of his class in law school, and he did March in the civil frights movement, he did get arrested with Mandela and he didn’t plagiarize speeches and for sure didn’t know about or profit from his crackhead son’s shenanigans 😶‍🌫️ come on man, think about it. - watch me get downvoted for saying the truth.