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deceptacle1980 t1_iu8sem1 wrote

You’re right. Breeding fetish chicks full on slaughtering their potential offspring, political figures convincing young women if they don’t kill their kids they aren’t empowered, and the mental illnesses that plague a woman after killing their children (I’ve dated a lot of women and most of them have/had multiple abortions) doesn’t affect me personally. But it does affect the society in which I am forced to interact with. And then to say that’s the biggest issue compared to everything we face is insulting.


CalligrapherDizzy201 t1_iu8t8vr wrote

You are aware they aren’t kids, right? Make sure you wrap up or your potential crotch goblins may get aborted. Which would probably help society. One of you is far more than enough.


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8umpc wrote

I don’t know if I’ve ever caused a woman to destroy a life that I too part in creating. Because I don’t have reproductive rights. I would have been financially responsible for him or her though. This whole argument has lots of facets but the longer you have it the plainer you see that this mostly about womens freedom from the responsibility of their own decisions and choices.


BullMoose86 t1_iu8uo93 wrote

“I’ve dated a lot of women…” 😂😂😂


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8vc9o wrote

Dated. Fucked. Whichever. Many of them I dated or talked to long enough to hear about their past shitty decisions to back barebacked and then have to go shopvac that thing out of them. My argument may sound pro life. It isn’t. I actually believe there should be more. It just shouldn’t be taxpayer funded. The bill should be the responsibility of the two fucktards that made the decision. I’m what you’d call a Planned Parenthood purist.


greenday61892 t1_iu959fd wrote

This entire comment is one big r/thathappened


deceptacle1980 t1_iu96rlu wrote

Are you invalidating my experiences with women and the personal conversations I’ve had with them about how they felt, continue to feel, and the complications they suffered as a result because you don’t like what I wrote? I may be a fuckin dick but I don’t do that. Hearing these stories better shaped my feelings and opinions about abortions as I used to be firmly against it. I no longer feel that way however the people that created that situation should be financially responsible for it. I also thinks it is irresponsible to say that is the biggest issue in CT since we’ve already declared CT an abortion sanctuary.