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roo-ster t1_iu8tlc8 wrote

What she actually said:

> “This is the biggest campaign issue — or one of the biggest — that we face...”


deceptacle1980 t1_iu8tu3n wrote

Is it though? Tell you what. Have the government stop forcing me to pay for it and I’ll start a free Uber and drive those fetuses to their death. But you gotta pick up the tab.


Historical_Baker_00 t1_iu9d9h4 wrote

So you would rather pay for thier whole lifetime? Joke of an argument.


Joggingmusic t1_iucw5j5 wrote

No remember - they’re pro-life until it’s you know, a life. Then fuck the children, they are on their own!


roo-ster t1_iu9qbpw wrote

> Is it though?

Yes. It's a word-for-word quote, including an extremely relevant part that you intentionally and dishonestly left out.