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Ok_Huckleberry6820 t1_iu2x3hh wrote

It was just a small town,by today's standard.


Squirts_Faygojizzer t1_iu4qqah wrote

By today's standard, Hartford is still quite small. Detroit is damn near 8x the size of Hartford, for example.


Ok_Huckleberry6820 t1_iu5a2nb wrote

Yes, I agree. It has a very small footprint, and you can be out of the city and into something like country in minutes.


IGameOnMac t1_iu45u07 wrote

For reference New Haven had 86,000 people and Bridgeport had 48,000. Hartford had 50,000. Even Waterbury had just 25,000, the rest were way smaller.


TheOkayestName t1_iu4dpv5 wrote

Probably a lot safer, especially near the Mark Twain house and where the Webster theater is today..