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National_Attack t1_iu49mrn wrote

It’s incredible that they just built/paved over the river that cut through hartford. You wouldn’t even know it ran through the middle of Bushnell park of old maps didn’t exist.

Infrastructure is one of those things that is necessary but we look in hindsight at the true effectiveness vs other options. It seems a lot of the old politicians in charge of city planning in Hartford neglected to see the impact cutting 91 and 84 would have on the culture and livelihood of the city. They effectively killed growth in Hartford with one blow.

Really sad, but I guess “Hartford has it!” Right?


Squirts_Faygojizzer t1_iu4qa21 wrote

The Park River is tunneled. It still (sometimes) flows into the Connecticut River


IGameOnMac t1_iu6h395 wrote

Today I learned Hartford actually had a river flowing through it


B6304T4 t1_iu8x1kb wrote

You can thank Beatrice Fox for the 91 and 84 interchange (satans anus) running directly through downtown Hartford.