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Yowowser t1_ittovvd wrote

Definitely fuck under an underpass


woodstove7 t1_itrrue7 wrote

BrewPort is pretty good


Apprehensive_Vehicle t1_itryul5 wrote

Posted this in the thread in r/BridgeportCT - Ralph n riches, Joseph’s steakhouse, boca oyster bar, trattoria a vucchella. Could also go to a lot of places further down Fairfield ave towards Fairfield like Hub n Spoke, Craft 260. Plenty of more casual options like brewport too


Wide-Elderberry7075 t1_itv9pau wrote

What does she like to eat? There's a bunch of good spots in Fairfield that I can recommend


Bjonker15 t1_itrvliu wrote

Ralph n richs , super fancy restaraunt right in the safe part of downtown. Be careful you arent getting catfished, with the intentions of robbing you. Happens alot in the Big CT Cities


RicoGemini OP t1_itrxw85 wrote

This one’s been recommended to me a few times so I guess this will be heavily considered. What’s the parking like in the area

And yea I’m usually careful about the catfishing stuff