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LittleJohnStone t1_iuj3gun wrote

I mean, Eversource sucks, but the article is pointing at supply issues. Even happier to have solar panels!


pittiedaddy OP t1_iuj5yqg wrote

Me too. Unfortunately I still have gas heat/ hot water. There is no "supply issue" when Opec decided to cut production.


Hopeful_Table_7245 t1_iujio94 wrote

OPEC did this for two reasons .

To give them an excuse to increase profits.

This will also make the Dems look bad right before the midterms. Timing could just be a coincidence, but I doubt it.


IndicationOver t1_iujdbhi wrote

Going to be a rough winter. I hope people are prepared, especially the ones on tighter budget.


Viceversa10 t1_iuj7h56 wrote

It's almost as if a fracking ban for nat gas helped this supply issue.


phunky_1 t1_iujg8cy wrote

.. the US exports a lot of natural gas.

It seems the solution is to regulate energy companies to be allowed to export less and provide more domestic supply.


CaptServo t1_iujgmc9 wrote

If you read the letter, you'd realize it is about gas line capacity, not overall supply.


Aildari t1_iuk16r4 wrote

Maybe skip a few stock buybacks and give up some of that executive pay and upgrade the pipelines. Not like a cold winter in New England is a new thing.