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Long_Ad_9092 t1_iud1wo5 wrote

Idk, kid freaking out in a first grade classroom with 25 other students? What are they supposed to do? Calmly ask him to stop while the other 25 kids get traumatized by the kid swearing, trying to hit other students/staff, and having their education interrupted?


urBEASTofBURDENog t1_iubq0j2 wrote

Every teacher now needs to be trained in behavioral therapy too... Oh and watch out for private and charter schools, many of them do not hire trained teachers.


Red_Rover3343 t1_iubmcln wrote

Wtf. They are still doing this. I was told the laws had changed since I was in school. Apparently nothing has really changed.


Red_Rover3343 t1_iugl4xc wrote

Wow some people seem bootie bothered that I think that doing these things to kid is messed up.