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colslaww t1_iueo08a wrote

Any idea what year the map was made ? My little town of Wolcott, hadn’t popped up yet.


CTHistory42 OP t1_iuev6cn wrote

Sorry, I don't. But I can tell you that stagecoaches were running from 1783 to 1850.


TheRealGodHatesFigs t1_iuf28wb wrote

The Southwick jog (aka "the notch") wasn't formalized until 1801 so if the map is accurate, it would be dated to before that point.


neurocellulose t1_iufd9pn wrote

It's from 1933, part of the lead up to the Tercentenary of the state. Some of the omissions are odd but I think the lack of town-by-town resolution is for the sake of clarity.


IGameOnMac t1_iuf6rtc wrote

Ah… before 1821… my major city… Bridgeport hasn’t popped up yet either

Someone mentioned southington is no where to be found… founded 1779 so before then I assume