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blackerjw6 t1_ir3hr6l wrote

That looks like a pitbull. Weren't they selectively bred for centuries for violent traits?


Shellsbells821 t1_ir58e8o wrote

My nephew has 2. One just totally destroyed his right hand because my nephew was trying to take away her toy. He may never have full use of his hand again. They were both rescues.


narrow_octopus t1_ir5iokm wrote

Sounds like a super misunderstood breed


Shellsbells821 t1_ir6d44z wrote

I've had German Shepherds since high school. (15 year old female then. 1st GSD in 1974.) People cross the street when we walk by. I've NEVER had an aggressive one. Yet, they're considered "bully breeds"


Darondo t1_ir7a70n wrote

People are just naturally more cautious around an animal that is capable of overpowering them, and rightfully so. I don’t know your dog, and it costs me nothing to just avoid any potentially negative interaction, even if the risk is low.

If a troubled chihuahua with a shit owner attacks me, no big deal, I’ll live. If a troubled pit attacks me I can kiss my ass goodbye. I don’t think anyone is personally judging you or your dog when they cross the street, some people just figure why chance it?


politerats t1_ir8o0le wrote

I am scared of most dogs, a fear that came from childhood seeing another toddler get attacked by what I remember to be a pretty small dog but it did quite a bit of damage.

My boyfriend's family has a Pittie and two German shepherds and they've really helped me in getting over my fears. Some of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. The pitbull loves hugs and face pets. She lives for her nose to be stroked, it's like her power down switch.


blackerjw6 t1_ir3tjvp wrote

Not sure why I'm being downvoted. There is plenty of evidence proving this. My wife works at the ER and over 90 percent of people mauled have some sort of pitbull derivative to thank for it.

Please check my pro pitbull reference for a history refresher.


fylum t1_ir6jgk8 wrote

Because it’s not a particularly well-defined breed, and a lot of dogbites get labeled “pitbull” if the dog is vaguely mastiff.


Strat7855 t1_ir7n6gc wrote

No, they were bred for the ability to be violent, which I don't think anyone can dispute they have. It's a very different thing than being violent.

They were also bred to be docile with humans because yeah, when you're breeding for physicality, you probably don't want that creature turning on you.

Behavior is also an extremely complex thing and can't be reduced to an either/or attribution, too.


Jaybone56 t1_ir4wctx wrote

It's called trolling, people don't appreciate it