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bradbeady t1_itl3h7w wrote

Can confirm. It’s hosted by a duo called the Shaman and Showman which is already corny. The Showman read a boring ass story directly from a paper while also peddling his book. The Shaman had us stare into a mirror and literally said “change” 20 times. Then a stooge in the crowd got up and said he was the grandson of one the guys in the story or some bulls hit and left the train. Then the ride was over.

To pay around $40 (or $75 for a “VIP” experience) is definitely a scam. Go to Nightmare Acres or any another accredited haunted experience instead of this.


shannonapproved OP t1_itl5nki wrote

^ This exactly. It was falsely advertised as well. The description said: "Be part of a one-hour exclusive interactive supernatural event limited to only 40 passengers per hour/per adventure." It did not last an hour, maybe 40 mins at best. There was no interactive element. We sat and watched the two hosts read a story from a piece of paper and do a "seance" by talking into a mirror.

I'm just trying to get the word out there because I feel very strongly that I paid $39 for no reason that I can discern.


Malkor t1_itmcbcu wrote

Maybe this is different from the other "Haunted Trolley"...

Did you actually get on a trolley and go down the tracks? That's the one I remember (been a while though).


shannonapproved OP t1_itn60nn wrote

Yes, the ride itself was good! But that's where the fun began and ended.


flatdanny t1_itl4z18 wrote

Isn't anything "haunted" a scam?

The real question should be "is it entertaining?"


Badfiish t1_itm7mg3 wrote

depends, are you expecting ghosts or entertainment? seems this event has neither.


wickednasty6868 t1_itl9d4e wrote

Hocus pocus Essex steam train was really good.


damM3 t1_itllh9n wrote

Anyone looking for a good one, check out legends of fear in Shelton. Had a great time last year.


Old-Bedroom8464 t1_itlp5oq wrote

Best one around. So professional and well planned. We did the hayride, but there's a walking tour as well.


Kodiak01 t1_itlzcs4 wrote

The CT Trolley Museum in E Windsor runs several Halloween-themed events. They include a ride to a pumpkin patch for the kids, Rails To The Darkside for the nighttime spooky ride (16+), and a Haunted Mansion that tones things down for the kids during the day, then becomes Rated R at night.

A family friend has been a volunteer there for many years, they all take a lot of pride in the place.


iateyourbees t1_itnngsh wrote

Rails to the Darkside is legit. I went a few years ago and had a ton of fun


Kodiak01 t1_itnr6t4 wrote

The Haunted Mansion is brand new this year, only a few $ more to get in. Betting it's pretty good.


BanditCT t1_itm1gmk wrote

I can confirm a lot of this, i was an actor at the Haunted Isle when it was still in operation. In the beginning (around 2008-2011) it was an incredible experience, we built scenes and really had a passion for it. Eventually the haunt was overrun by people who just needed community service for school and didn’t give a shit anymore about the haunt. It was really upsetting and honestly really depressing seeing something we were really passionate about just crumble.


Crixxxxxx1 t1_itmqcx4 wrote

The Trolley Museum is easily the most underwhelming and boring thing to do in Connecticut regardless of time of year.