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itsmills420 t1_iu4jp2v wrote

Being born and raised CT also being a flyfish guy. This is incredible to me


midmodmad t1_iu4lbyn wrote

Wow, you are very talented!


angeldeb82 t1_iu4nm5s wrote

What a cool painting! :)


HockeyandTrauma t1_iu69exd wrote

I love your art. It just makes me sad everytime I see it that I don't have more cash to burn to buy more.


D1a1s1 t1_iu4oi1i wrote

Wow, you got an insta for your art?


handsonabirdbody t1_iu4to7z wrote

Really lovely! I love the highlighting the branches, this makes me want to go take a walk in some woodsโ€ฆ.


Thermite1985 t1_iu4uaik wrote

Wow this is beautiful! You're really talented! I'd love to see more.


paulabear203 t1_iu64la6 wrote

I love it so much, I had to stop and comment - beautiful. My husband is a photographer/artist, and he is a huge fan of Andy Goldsworthy - whose art is done mainly with all that nature has to offer, and he has been playing around with that and just loving the feeling. Always nice to see creatives being creative.


satansdebtcollector t1_iu6eiug wrote

I always know when itโ€™s a Bash painting when speed scrolling, always eye catching paintings. Nice one! ๐ŸŽจ Have you done the Hopyard falls yet? Gillettes Castle?


bunkerbash OP t1_iu93whr wrote

Thanks! And nope havenโ€™t painted either location!


psyco-the-rapist t1_iu6wh1l wrote

I just had a feeling from art for the first time. I love being in the woods and I felt like I was there for a moment. Great painting!


Ok-Bluebird6933 t1_iufs6rz wrote

I always admire your work...there are no words to communicate your is so hard to capture the energy and beauty of nature And you do it so well. Your artwork is exceptional!


Mojoimpact t1_iujbjxt wrote

Love this! Live right near East Hampton and always go exploring there, what stream is this?


bunkerbash OP t1_iujqsai wrote

This is the stream that feeds Tartia Falls!