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Budakaman t1_iui0ouq wrote

These people need psychiatric help


DancingHeel t1_iui2kps wrote

Which is also offered at the Center for Gender Health!


rare__air t1_iui44ol wrote

I think you meant to say, "these people need psychiatric help to cope with living in a world with people like me, because I'm an ignorant prick who enjoys making people feel bad about themselves for no good reason."

In which case, you are probably right because god, you and your ilk are insufferable.


InvisibleTeeth t1_iuiezzr wrote

I think its actually required before they can transition...


Budakaman t1_iuigdie wrote

Good, I support that. I support my taxes going to help people, I really do. It’s such a drastic decision to just change genders or whatever. I think they should get psychiatric assistance after too. They should get all the help they need. Everyone should, no matter their identity, sexual preference, or whatever.


star_road t1_iuiikce wrote

Transgendered individuals have to go through mental therapy before medically transitioning to their preferred gender. They don't just wake up one day and decide to take hormones and become the opposite gender likes it's a fad. It's an identity they've dwelled on for many years. I agree with you that everyone can benefit from therapy. LGBTQIA+ have a high rate of suicide and mental health issues. They often run into obstacles obtaining care, which is what makes HHC's initiative so important.


Budakaman t1_iuij7hl wrote

I agree. They are afflicted. We are all subjected to the human condition


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iuijib5 wrote

You realize a doctor is supervising these transitions, you can't just walk in and go into surgery because you want to.

It's a long, long transition. It occurs over many years for most people.


GlitteringTone t1_iuigtzn wrote

If everyone should get psychiatric assistance, are you currently doing so?


Budakaman t1_iuih5nn wrote

Everyone should have access to psychiatric(medical help). I don’t need or want psychiatric help. I’ve been very blessed in my 57 years.


GlitteringTone t1_iuiiov4 wrote

Ah yes I can definitely see the wisdom and sanity in your comment history telling people to “blow it out your pussy” and that you “licked your mom’s booty”. My bad


Budakaman t1_iuihfja wrote

But yeah, trans people especially should get help


Pruedrive t1_iuitph8 wrote

Sounds like you need it more. Trust me, if someone has gotten to the point they are deciding to go through transition they have not made that decision lightly, and they are probably more stable in their thought process than you or others may think.