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Kcruz1985 t1_iuhvvga wrote

If Logan is against an abortion ban, yet votes for people who would implement an abortion ban, then he is for an abortion ban.


frissonFry t1_iuhznlb wrote

That's exactly like the people who say they're Republican because they support small government and fiscal responsibility. The GOP has never operated that way in my lifetime. The largest expansions of government and debt in the past 40ish years have occurred under Republican rule, so really, what party do these people belong to? The Republican party now is one that supports removing human rights, taking away voting rights, racism, outright cruelty to marginalized populations, and treason. If you consider yourself a Republican and vote as such, you agree with all of these stances no matter what mental gymnastics you try to pull to tell yourself otherwise.


Pertinax126 t1_iuhvorf wrote

The ad won't be considered libel because, well, Mr. Logan is a politician and has played both sides of the issue.

The CNN article correctly points out that Mr. Logan has repeatedly said that he is in favor of abortion being legal. However, he has also stated that he supports the GOP's Commitment to America (CtA).

And the CtA's Government That's Accountable section includes the language, "protect the lives of unborn children". Mr Logan's has not made any conditional statements about his support for the CtA or made any statements that he does not support a specific part of it.

While the CNN report is correct that Mr. Logan is not pro-life, the Democratic attack ads are also correct in their claim that he has expressed support for the GOP position on abortion.


purpleflyingmonster t1_iui8k9t wrote

Any one of these republicans who claim abortion support could quickly craft their stance into a policy point and add it to their websites and say it specifically in interviews. They aren’t saying what they believe, they are just saying they don’t believe in a total abortion ban. So what do you believe? Where’s your platform statement about it? They are purposely undefined and ambiguous because they are afraid to actually make a point.

Logan says abortion is codified in CT. That has nothing to do with what he believes. The question is does he want that undone and the answer is yes. Show me where he has ever supported abortion rights. He doesn’t. He’s just hiding behind CT law. Given the chance he would undo that law.


mkt853 t1_iuicgq8 wrote

The codified thing is the latest talking point. Just like they can never directly admit Biden won the 2020 election, so they substitute an answer to that question with "Biden is the president."


KaaronJudge t1_iuil2h7 wrote

CNN is a right wing rag just like fox news


bdy435 t1_iuiku08 wrote

CNN has recently taken a hard shift to the right, to compete with Faux News for the low information voters.

Caveat Emptor.


AvogadrosMoleSauce t1_iuip771 wrote

Will he vote for a speaker who will push for an abortion ban? He’s not even willing to say whether he believes the 2020 election was fairly won by Biden. Logan can’t be trusted.


AdHistorical7107 t1_iui2j1a wrote

I remember when certain judges said they won't touch roe vs wade and agreed with it.....

Oh wait....

There's a reason they say don't trust politicians.....

And it's absolutely horrifying how most GOP after roe vs wade said its the right decision to let states decide and then jump behind Lindsey graham....

So yeah.... I dont really care any media says..


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