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lives4summits t1_isrchtk wrote

It’s not that high. It’s under 1000 bears. The animal rights lobby will never let a bear hunt happen.


Kolzig33189 t1_ist1cbz wrote

You’re number is far off. The population has increased from about 600 bears 6 years ago to ballpark north of 1200 bears in state now.


lives4summits t1_isv987x wrote

Wrong. You don’t take into account the same bears ID’d multiple times. We have a very low bear population.

Also, nuisance bears are attracted to bird feeders. A hunt isn’t the answer. We need a statewide law banning the feeding of wildlife and that includes bird feeders. Granby and Simsbury have similar ordinances already and they have been very successful.


Kolzig33189 t1_isvd5xe wrote

I’m not taking anything into account for population. More than 1200 is what DEEP is reporting. So if you have a source that says it’s a lot less, please share. That’s directly from the DEEP website…so what are you using that shows the number is essentially half that?

Edit: classic CT sub stuff; I asked if you have a source for your numbers and you immediately downvote and don’t respond.