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Kodiak01 t1_isptpd2 wrote


If you encounter a black bear and can not safely and calmly remove yourself and others to safety, here is what you do:

  1. Face the bear directly. Do not approach or run.

  2. Make yourself look as large and imposing as possible. If you have anything large to wave around to make yourself look bigger, don't hesitate to use it.

  3. Make yourself LOUD. Yell at the bear forcefully. Have noisy things to bang together, go to town with them.

  4. In the rare case that a black bear does attack, do not play dead! They'll maul you to death. You need to fight back. Aim for the eyes, throat and genitals. Just like a street fight, there are NO rules.


NoMoLerking t1_isqatv4 wrote

Seems like throwing a 10 year old at it also works.


Illustratedbytony t1_isshxzu wrote

Says the Kodiak bear 😒


Kodiak01 t1_issiy0d wrote

Kodiaks are brown bears. You really don't want to do any of the above with a brown bear. For brown bears (which are characterized by a large muscular hump on the upper back, you DO want to play dead.

If you have a backpack, leave it on. Lie on your stomach with your hands clasped behind your neck. Spread your legs wide to make it as hard as possible for the bear to turn you over. Stay in this position for at least 20 minutes after you believe the bear to be gone.

Whatever you do, do NOT run. Brown bears can reach speeds of up to 35mph; you'll only die tired.


Kolzig33189 t1_ist1196 wrote

Also of important note, there are no brown/grizzly bears in CT, their territory is west of the Rockies. So if you think you see a grizzly bear, you’re wrong.


FFPatrick t1_istl9wz wrote

What about a mountain lion?


devo1138 t1_isu5uyf wrote

Just do what you would do as if it were a golden retriever.


Kodiak01 t1_ist1kl3 wrote

Well, there is one...

I have been given that nickname independently by 3 people in three different decades, none of which knew each other. Something having to do with my general temperament. On the other hand, when I run I look like a reject from the Special Olympics...


Extended_Shlong t1_istquuc wrote

Remember, as a last resort, FIGHT. But low blows will NOT be tolerated!


SnooBunnies7461 t1_isr0vfy wrote

This is what happens when there is no control over the population of bears in the state. I understand that people are building and squeezing the bears out of their area but the bear population is also pretty high. The state could have a lottery system for a bear season and make a little money too.


ZebraRaptor t1_isr9zz1 wrote

I was talking with a guy from DEEP and he was telling me while we are building in areas where bears live, the biggest reason we see such a massive increase in bear population compared to ~50 years ago is because the state has moved away from farming and when the farm fields became overgrown and forested, it provided a healthy and abundant habitat for bears. Now their population is sky high and they’re moving into more and more populated areas.


magicdrums t1_isrbz8s wrote

The population is on the rise because CT doesn’t have a hunting season like NY & MA do.. so where do you think the bears are going to hibernate when their older brothers and sisters are hunted in the neighboring in states?


ZebraRaptor t1_issrwuy wrote

This too! Abundant food, no predators, that makes Yogi a happy bear.


stlouisbrowns t1_isrfi2z wrote

A DEEP guy told me the reason we're seeing more and more bears in CT is because NY and MA have bear hunting season and hunting pressure drives them into Connecticut. Open and shut.

He added that DEEP has agitated for a bear hunting season with the legislature for years now. This past session they lost by only a couple votes.


ZebraRaptor t1_isssbfb wrote

I agree completely! Hopefully the next time it’s up for vote it’ll pass. Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome creatures. But they can be dangerous and certainly be a nuisance.

It sucks to hit a deer in a car, but hitting a bear is even worse! It’s getting too common. (And don’t get me started about MV vs Moose!).


stlouisbrowns t1_issyq8j wrote

Thanks Zebra. Nice to hear the occasional voice of sanity here on Reddit, where kiddies and trolls prevail. cheers -


lives4summits t1_isrchtk wrote

It’s not that high. It’s under 1000 bears. The animal rights lobby will never let a bear hunt happen.


Kolzig33189 t1_ist1cbz wrote

You’re number is far off. The population has increased from about 600 bears 6 years ago to ballpark north of 1200 bears in state now.


lives4summits t1_isv987x wrote

Wrong. You don’t take into account the same bears ID’d multiple times. We have a very low bear population.

Also, nuisance bears are attracted to bird feeders. A hunt isn’t the answer. We need a statewide law banning the feeding of wildlife and that includes bird feeders. Granby and Simsbury have similar ordinances already and they have been very successful.


Kolzig33189 t1_isvd5xe wrote

I’m not taking anything into account for population. More than 1200 is what DEEP is reporting. So if you have a source that says it’s a lot less, please share. That’s directly from the DEEP website…so what are you using that shows the number is essentially half that?

Edit: classic CT sub stuff; I asked if you have a source for your numbers and you immediately downvote and don’t respond.


Frequent_Ad_7824 t1_isr84f2 wrote

They make way to much money already but yes the numbers need to be thinned


SmallFeetBigPenis t1_isrky82 wrote

That money goes towards conservation, which I’m sure could use the boost.


editorgrrl t1_isptmta wrote

>A 10-year-old boy was attacked by a 250-pound black bear around 11 a.m. Sunday while playing near a trampoline at his grandparent's home in Morris.

> The child was taken to a local hospital for his injuries, which officials said did not appear to be life-threatening. James Butler said his grandson suffered a puncture wound to one thigh, bite marks on a foot and ankle, and claw marks on his back.

>Officials said the bear was still near the scene when authorities arrived and was euthanized by Connecticut Environmental Conservation Police.


spmahn t1_isqp9vd wrote

This is only going to continue to get worse as long as our politicians keep covering their ears and shouting “La la la can’t hear you” every time the bear problem comes up in the legislature


scroobers t1_isss325 wrote

There is no bear problem. Are you suggesting we start culling bears? People need to educate themselves on bear behavior and realize they are wild animals, not cuddly pets.

This is same bullshit that happens with sharks, attacks are extremely rare but when they happen there's a media frenzy and people suggest killing any of the animals they see.

More people are injured or killed by cars but nobody wants to do anything about that. But when one person is injured by a bear, now it's a bear problem the government needs to "take care of".


nintendosbitch666 t1_istijdi wrote

While I would generally agree with you, weve had a LOT of crazy bear activity in ct this year


B6304T4 t1_isrbiue wrote

Hunting season with a lottery system... While "Bears have been pushed around because of humans" is true to a point, that only goes so far. They have no natural predators, and the natural carrying capacity of this region isn't sustainable to begin with so their only option is to forage. Ironically enough, the same areas where people have these bear encounters occur, also are home to the same people who say "no don't hurt them they're so cute". And before I get the down votes, let's remember, there was a push last spring for SB244 to create provisions for dealing with the bear population by reps from the 90th and 66th district and that motion failed 13-18. Ct and RI are the only states that don't have a bear season, it's time for one.


peaceahki t1_isrc7ch wrote

RIP cool ass bear


HippieLizLemon t1_issdqis wrote

SIGH It's only a matter of minutes before my MIL spams me with every article about this incident to prove to me the bears are dangerous(I know they can be). We had a mom and cubs in our backyard (in the back woods) this spring for a few weeks and she was losing her mind. They never came to the house but we also never bothered them and didn't use the backyard until they left.

I swear some idiots must feed the bears and they start getting way too comfortable. As cool as it is to see them, it's best for the bears to scare them away with pots and pans. I love them dearly, but I do think they could make a case for bear season. It's a tough situation.


Stretchy_Cat t1_issrzkl wrote

Yes, there are tons of idiots who feed the bears, either on purpose or indirectly (by having bird feeders out, or putting trash out the night before collection day). Then people cry about the bears being there. They wouldn't be coming to people's houses for food if they could never find food at people's houses.

In my area there's been an ongoing issue with some a-hole from NY baiting bears and then charging tourists to check them out and take photos. Someone's going to end up getting killed as a result eventually.


Dangerous_Benefit612 t1_isu9jt7 wrote

Pots & pans? Lmao,as do the bears. "City bears" feed out of dumpsters/garbage pails....they have no fear of people or the loud noises we make hence the attacks/break ins. No disrespect meant, this just cracked me up. I have stood on my deck & the bear/s just look up at me. They are way too comfortable around humans.


HippieLizLemon t1_isuinsc wrote

Pots and pans, yelling, air horn, waving hands high...this is text book how to scare off a Black Bear (I guess the pots and pans is specifically if it happens at home) I live in an area with TONS of black bears, including a den in my yard last year. They can be scared off and should be if people stopped interacting with them like they are friendly neighbors.


Dangerous_Benefit612 t1_isulyei wrote

I've tried it all, they just stare at us. I can send you videos, it's intimidating. They truly no longer fear us. For context-we live behind a plaza that has multiple dumpsters. The bears will eat out of the dumpsters as cars, trucks, rigs drive by. Also, we are convinced the bears we see are the cubs from previous years. They know the garbage route & follow it. Every Tues/Wednesday we have bears. Again, no disrespect meant, the bears in our neighborhood do not fear us. If I'm hiking, yes airhorn, whistle, pepper spray are effective, but at home, no. The only thing that works thus far is my dog barking, but even then the bear does not run off. Not being argumentative or disrespectful. Because I've experienced this repeatedly, I am in full support of a hunting season for bear.


Chaos_Ice t1_isrkzuy wrote

All these bears and I haven’t seen a single one 🥺


BradGriswold t1_isskuy0 wrote

Connecticut, a state so blinded by misguided "good intentions", their politicians would rather see kids get mauled by bears than to open a regulated hunting season.


Jaybone56 t1_isq3btj wrote

I will just carry my bear spray on me when I'm in my backyard


scroobers t1_isssvjs wrote

There's literally a Simpsons reference for everything. This is the response of most people in this sub right now.

Bear Patrol


Ds87878 t1_isrq80p wrote

Only a matter of time until a lottery hunting season is approved. Let’s go.


Dangerous_Benefit612 t1_issdsuw wrote

If only there were a hunting season, oh but that's cruel, better to let the bear maul a child, break into homes, terrorize neighborhoods. A 30 day hunting season would rectify this.


[deleted] t1_isq3vcd wrote



HeyFrogMan t1_isrodmy wrote

Cuz what if a 15 year old girl falsely accuses you? Now you’re dead and you didn’t even touch her.


SepticYawn t1_isrp1fb wrote

Pretty sure you’re not a sex offender until you’re proven guilty in the court of law. But hey it’s cool that you defend people who touch kids.


HeyFrogMan t1_isrpwxk wrote

Oh so once someone is proven guilty in a court of law, they are indisputably guilty and we can euthanize them. Okay gotcha. Kill innocent people who could very easily be posthumously exonerated because “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!”

Seriously, what’s wrong with our current system where they are still punished?


SepticYawn t1_isrq91n wrote

So the guy who re-offense 3 different times is not indisputably guilty? All the victims were falsely accusing him?


HeyFrogMan t1_isrqk7q wrote

Do you mean convicted three times with three different victims at different times? Because yes, people like Tonya Craft got accused by countless victims of child assault only to find out the kids were coached by there parents and she did nothing wrong. Under you, she’d just be dead if she lost in court right?


SepticYawn t1_isrqsk4 wrote

No she won’t be . A jury found her not guilty on all charges. Nice try


HeyFrogMan t1_isrr0qy wrote

That’s why I said “if she lost in court” she would indeed be dead. You ignored that and just said “Well she didn’t, so it all worked out.” You just ignored the hypothetical.

Okay, here’s a case where it didn’t work out. Greg Kelley was convicted on two child sexual assault charges only to be exonerated years later. He should’ve been on death row in your view right?


SepticYawn t1_isrrdr3 wrote

People end up on death row sometimes for crimes they didn’t commit. So now we shouldn’t put anyone on death row because they might get exonerated years later. What about Timothy McVeigh tax payers should still be paying for him to live in prison?


HeyFrogMan t1_isrrl7r wrote

We spent more in tax dollars for him to be executed and his friend is still alive and being paid by tax payers. Keeping them in a supermax prison in the middle of no where is a good system, because if they turn out to be innocent we can still give them freedom.


[deleted] t1_isrrjd2 wrote



HeyFrogMan t1_isrrp4m wrote

I didn’t advocate for them to get probation, but execution is extreme. Years in a max or superman supermax prison is a fine solution.

EDIT: autocorrect, I swear I wrote SuperMax


[deleted] t1_isrrzjr wrote



HeyFrogMan t1_isrs36i wrote

Yeah, sorry I misspelled Super Max, I swear I wrote supermax and it changed to superman.

Have a good night.


SepticYawn t1_isrrtye wrote

And as for Greg Kelley he wouldn’t have been put to death as his conviction was overturned a year later.


HeyFrogMan t1_isrrvti wrote

So you want a case of sexual assault of multiple children where the defendant was exonerated 10 year laters correct?


werdnak84 t1_isqy6pq wrote

...... remember when we used the argument that people shouldn't have to have guns in the house because we're not longer in a time when we have to worry about bears getting in on a consistent basis?