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G3Saint t1_is9ybsv wrote

Excellent article thank you for posting. I guess I'm lucky to see one when I was 10 years old in a meadow in wethersfield, the meadow is now covered with houses.


nutmegger2020 t1_isa91lm wrote

The elusive green snake. I had a worm snake for a a few weeks and thought that was kind of rare.

A little bit more about the green snake. Not endangered but of special concern.


midmodmad t1_isaietu wrote

Very cool. Thanks for posting!


deceptacle1980 t1_isauvp1 wrote

Wow. I found one of these as a kid (late 80s). I thought it looked like it didn’t belong in or come from this state. I kept it for a year.


Lou_Salazar t1_isbwund wrote

I found one on 85 next to Horse Pond about ten years ago. I had no idea we had snakes like that - I thought maybe it had fallen off a truck driving in from somewhere warmer.

I had no idea they were so rare. I'm glad I had a chance to see that gorgeous little guy.