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Extension-Abroad-155 t1_iy865ck wrote

During the height pandemic, the Royal Punjabi made free meals meals for the community. I’ve known Singh Kahlsa for well over a decade. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve met and is always trying to do something good for the city.


GaryBuseyWithRabies t1_iy8dhct wrote

Sikhs are some of the nicest people. Very welcoming.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iy8gor9 wrote

I say all groups of people have good and bad people I’ve known good Sikh people and I’ve also seen Sikh people attack each other with swords


WhittlingDan t1_iy9nlp5 wrote

And what purpose did this comment serve other than whataboutism?


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iy9tg35 wrote

Why generalize a group of people like that? There’s no point in saying such things and dividing ourselves further anyone can be a nice person or a bad person


GaryBuseyWithRabies t1_iy8mvgk wrote



GunnieGraves t1_iy9vjap wrote

Want to bet I can find 3 videos of almost any group of people engaging in poor behavior? Your comment serves no purpose other than to generalize one group on the basis of the behavior of a few people.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iy9vuqf wrote

No really? That’s the whole point of my statements any people can act in any way so there’s really no reason for people to generalize a group of people. You agree with me read my other comments


GunnieGraves t1_iy9x4pl wrote

Except you’re singling out the shitty behavior of a few Sikh individuals while failing completely to acknowledge their tenets of faith of service, kindness, etc.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iya7cyk wrote

I didn’t fail to acknowledge anything in fact you seem to fail to acknowledge that any people can be good or bad and having tenets does not mean that they always adhere to them each person individually can be very different from one another regardless of their religion


husky429 t1_iy9wu06 wrote

No you haven't, you fuckin' moron


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iya73yy wrote

I listed sources so really you’re the moron


husky429 t1_iyace8y wrote

You have not seen Sikh people fight each other witg swords. Hence you being a fucking racist piece of shit moron. So fuck off bitch


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iyajvpw wrote

Yes I have? That’s why I gave 3 sources and I didn’t say anything racist. you clearly suffer from cognitive dissonance and anger problems you should go see a psychiatrist


husky429 t1_iyal7cm wrote

Ooh someone took psych 101


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iyaqtit wrote

All I’m saying is if you were normal you would be able to properly comprehend what I wrote


husky429 t1_iyarayg wrote

So you were at the swordfights you listed? Because you said you've "seen" it.

If I say "I've seen the eiffel tower" I'm usually not referring to youtube, dipshit

It's almost like... in a world of EIGHT BILLION PEOPLE, it's pretty easy to find a video of folks fighting. Stop being an idiot.


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_iyb2w80 wrote

If I’m looking at it I’ve seen it right? And even who are you to know if I did not physically see it or not you don’t know me. You got a problem generalizing things and twisting reality you should reevaluate your thought process


husky429 t1_iyb34l7 wrote

No, looking at it on a screen isn't seeing it by any normal person's standard. This isn't a tv show or a movie, dumbass. Is English your first language?


Lopsidedcuocake3 t1_iyb4v11 wrote

It’s sad that you felt the need to block because you still didn’t make a valid point. clearly you have some personal bias and cannot think properly or have a proper conversation with people that think more logically than you do, you also you really lack reading comprehension. I hope you can get some proper mental help so you aren’t so ignorant and idiotic


highway_to_heck420 t1_iy87d9n wrote

Okay so their food is amazing and now I’m even more glad to have discovered them (very recently started work nearby). This is nice to read.


BeerJunky OP t1_iy7vs1v wrote

Of all the people to target Sikhs are probably the nicest group you can find. All throughout the pandemic I heard wonderful things that the Sikh community was doing to help people, many of which not in their community. I hate racists. 🤬


shessosquare t1_iy82rhm wrote

Came here to say this. Sikhism is one of the most peaceful and selfless religions.


[deleted] t1_iy83sa6 wrote

I think that Sikh's are the one group that is still generally good, rather than just having pockets of good.

It's refreshing, and this type of harassment is tragic.


DicmoVolant t1_iy84yd3 wrote

Sikh’s live the way Christians are supposed to.


giant_toad42 t1_iyabdqp wrote

Same here. Every single Sikh person I have ever met has been an all around exemplary human being. So disgusting that someone would pull this kind of BS.

Also should name and shame the business that ran that bs ad on the truck. That's gross.


BromanJenkins t1_iy8548a wrote

One thing to note about Norwich is that the Sikh community is fairly visible there. They'll buy ads at the bus stops for holidays and to thank or recognize people/politicians who have supported the community. There's no evangelizing on the ads either, not even a mention of temple locations or services.

Without fail, those ads get defaced. It's sad to see something that harmless get targeted at every opportunity.


shannon-8 t1_iy8dghv wrote

I’ve thought about converting to Sikhism and didn’t know there was a community this close to me. Really sad that this is the treatment they get.


PallasWallas t1_iyav3e3 wrote

Do you live in Norwich ?


BromanJenkins t1_iyaviaq wrote

For a decade. We moved out of state a couple weeks ago.


PallasWallas t1_iyaxkbn wrote

I do live in Norwich. I’m planning on selling my home & leaving the state. I never heard of this truck.


PallasWallas t1_iyaxmac wrote

That’s why I asked. A lot of CT liberals are moving to Florida & Georgia.


BromanJenkins t1_iyay92r wrote

We moved to NY state. My wife got a new job and I go where she goes. We're enjoying it so far, but the snows haven't started here yet.


ovrhere_ t1_iy813m2 wrote

> “The intention was to target Sikhs and people who wear head gear,” said Khalsa. “After 9/11, we all know, terrorists attacked America. But how it was done through the media. They never said that Sikhs are not those people or that the Muslim community is not a bad community.”

Worth noting US media is no less guilty today of this kind of scare mongering.


flatdanny t1_iy8k1ze wrote

> “The intention was to target Sikhs and people who wear head gear,”

I'd be more afraid of the red MAGA headgear.


SirEDCaLot t1_iy8aurm wrote

Agreed. Most intolerant/racist people see headgear and think 'towel head terrorist'. Sikhs are so far away from that it's not even funny.

For example- it's a requirement of their religion that they carry a dagger called a Kirpan, which is to be used to come to the aid of any innocent person in distress.

To call the Sikhs in America 'Khalistani terrorists' is so far off the mark it's not even funny. It's like going to one of those pro-gay all welcoming Christian churches and calling them 'Westboro Baptist terrorists'.


mj0r t1_iy8ft67 wrote

I really hope it isn't most people that think that, especially in CT.


SirEDCaLot t1_iy8n5m8 wrote

You'd think in a better-educated place like CT most people don't think like that.

It only takes one person to hire a billboard like this though. That's both the wonderful and awful thing with democracy- one person who wants to be heard and puts effort into it usually will be.


WhittlingDan t1_iy9om3n wrote

Its not most people. I would bet its a good portion though and I'm sure they all have a lot in common, like hate for LGBTQ+ and support for nationalism and laws based on their religion. Sounds like Y'all Qaeda...


WhittlingDan t1_iy9o1eu wrote

I doubt most people do. I dont, nor do my friends or family. Perhaps you need to reevaluate the people around you?


SirEDCaLot t1_iybscnv wrote

I should clarify- I mean most intolerant / racist people. Not most people overall.


urbanevol t1_iy84gtq wrote

It's only mentioned obliquely in the article because it would be speculative, but this points towards Hindu nationalists rather than the typical white supremacists or Islam-haters.

Similar to the bulldozer at the India Day Parade in Edison, NJ earlier this year that was meant to intimidate Muslims:


WhittlingDan t1_iy9ozub wrote

But they are trying to stir up distrust and hatred of Sikhs here. What type of people might they be trying to stir up? Its not the loving and accepting community members but the ignorant and already hateful.


Time_Yam301 t1_iya55or wrote

Sikhs are a tiny minority of people from the Indian subcontinent. I don't think anyone really has a solution to the seemingly endless religious conflict that was seemingly made only worse by the partitioning of the country. If Muslims and Hindus can't get along, Sikhs are probably easy for both to hate, if they even think about them.

It's weird it's happening in the US though, I will admit that.


DicmoVolant t1_iy856ul wrote

A racist sign about Pakistan is about Hindu nationalists?


urbanevol t1_iy85ls5 wrote

It's not directly about Pakistan. It's about a Sikh separatist movement to form an independent nation of Khalistan. This movement is banned in India after a lot of violence in the 1980's but support for Khalistan still exists (a lot of it overseas among Sikhs in the US, UK, and Canada). Some Hindu nationalists believe Pakistan is funding Khalistan separatists to undermine India.


WhittlingDan t1_iy9p72m wrote

Violence... you mean the (attempted) genocide of Sikhs by the government of India?


Soggy_Hamster_4524 t1_iy8ksio wrote

It’s not a belief when there is already evidence. Go on google and search “Pakistan funding Khalistan” Also isn’t it funny that the federal agencies would support one freedom movement but not other ones like Palestine? It’s like they only care about things when it fits with their narrative


the-crotch t1_iy8rclf wrote

> isn’t it funny that the federal agencies would support one freedom movement but not other ones like Palestine?

or brexit, or Scottish independence, or Basque independence, or Quebecois independence. It's not about freedom, it's not about right or wrong, it's about what directly benefits them.


WhittlingDan t1_iy9s5rs wrote

Was George Washington a terrorist? What if you asked the British back then? One persons freedom fighter is another persons terrorist.

The government of India Committed genocide In the 80s against the Sikhs and the Sikhs have wanted independence since. In 2018, Connecticut Assembly passed a resolution that recognised the killings as a genocide. Jewish people got a state after the Holocaust, which was good however it came at the expense of the Palestinians. Now Israel treats Palestinians horribly and depending on who you ask also a genocide. The US government supports what they consider to be in the best interest of the US as a whole but many politicians equally if not more so do the bidding of the oligarchs since this countries birth. Christians in America blindly support Israel because they believe a Jewish State necessary for the return of Jesus and will do whatever it takes. They don't however care about any of the people. Ask a Christian where all the Jews that died in the Holocaust are? Ask what will happen upon Jesus' supposed return?


Soggy_Hamster_4524 t1_iy9uomd wrote

Also the Jewish people didn’t get a state because of the holocaust the British elites masquerading as Zionists did they were plotting it since the 19th century and they used the Jewish people to help themselves and now they are using the Jewish religious extremism to make themselves even more powerful by controlling people with an ideology


Soggy_Hamster_4524 t1_iy9v6ss wrote

Also yes it is terrorism when India is accepting of all people and many many diverse groups live there with our problems but just like I mentioned it’s religious extremism and a small group using to gain power themselves this is becoming a major problem all around the world you cannot compare that to George Washington who was trying to get freedom for everyone regardless of their religion. Sikh religious nationalism is just as bad as Hindu nationalism because it’s a theocratic government that won’t give freedom to everyone


Soggy_Hamster_4524 t1_iy9twyy wrote

“The US government supports what they consider to be in the best interest of the us as a whole” it’s sad that people really believe this as if politicians aren’t just trying help themselves and further the interests of the people/organizations that they are shilling for


liltingly t1_iy8eeq2 wrote

TL;DR — Political messaging trucks and these images specifically are abhorrent, but the overall issue of a separate Khalistan nation is complicated. Most people on either “side” probably have a nominal opinion on the issue, but want to be left out and live life.

The images here are over the top, but the history of the Khalistan movement are a very complicated part of past and modern Indian history, with both sides having extreme wings (albeit the Hindutva wing has far more people, outside of Punjab). I was in DC wanting to see the White House with my SO (both Indian Americans) and suddenly stumbled onto a massive clash between Hindutva folks and Khalistan supporters right in front, at the perfect spot to view the WH. I think some Indian dignitary was visiting. The HNs were trying to rope us in and hand us flags (which we declined), and the Khalistanis were yelling at us assuming we were with the HNs. I assume the non-Indians thought we were with the HNs too… Violence almost broke out a few times, and getting unwittingly caught in the crossfire, we noped TF out of there. We just wanted to see the damn White House and couldn’t!


im_intj t1_iy86mlt wrote

I had to do a huge project on Sikh groups and found their believe system is extremely peaceful. I'm not sure where people are getting this information.


cryptocratic7 t1_iy84gev wrote

The level of cultural ignorance in this state is outstanding


NostraVoluntasUnita t1_iy8a9vs wrote

I moved here from Florida so it feels like a fucking utopia to me in comparison.


Screaming_brain t1_iy8j8jd wrote

We have pockets of ignorance surrounded by common sense. Feels like Florida is the opposite.


flatdanny t1_iy8jvip wrote

Dont blame the state for what you read here in reddit.. They are entertaining, though.


Moby-Wan-Kenobi t1_iy9akql wrote

i never understand why Sikh's get such a bad rap in this country in the modern day (i mean aside from that most american of traits to hate anything that doesn't look like my definition of an american, obviously)...every sikh i've ever met was a cool dude, good person and fun to be around....


Time_Yam301 t1_iya6i6x wrote

The prohibition against hair trimming/braiding and the requisite turban makes them stand out everywhere.


CoolAbdul t1_iyakcus wrote

The Sikhs are about the least offensive people on earth. Whole thing is ridiculous.


itsmills420 t1_iy9q6ph wrote

good, get those ignorant fools!


Gravco t1_iy9x893 wrote


Racist Xenophobe: Turban = Terrorist!

I know the restaurant owner (also involved with Wing Express in Storrs and Maharaja in Mansfield) . These are kind, beautiful people. FFS... leave them alone.


mainglassman t1_iyacyva wrote

It looks like the sign is targeting pakistani terrorists, not Indian Sikh, I'm confused


Dense_Relate t1_iyaussv wrote

Good ol Right Wing Hindu propaganda projecting to americans. They want Sikhs under them and to obey every rule the Indian government says. Pathetic


PallasWallas t1_iyavc8u wrote

I live in Norwich & have heard nothing about this.


bent_peepee t1_iyb9s4v wrote

never meet a Sikh I didn’t like. salt of the earth people.


Independent-Rest5835 t1_iyctezj wrote

Does the person who made those messages not understand that Movement does not = Organization.

Unfortunately there are some Organizations that fight for Khalistan using violent methods, but there are also organizations that fight for Khalistan using democratic ways.

If we use Indias freedom movement as an example, there were some groups labeled as terrorist (e.g. Bhagat singh was labelled as a terrorist because he did kill people for his political goal), but I dont think it would be a fair statement to say the whole Indian freedom movement was a terrorist movement.


ZofianSaint273 t1_iyehzku wrote

Lol Hindu Nationalists and Khalistanis really be fighting with each other still in the west away from India.


Soggy_Hamster_4524 t1_iy8j9qh wrote

What is the FBI investigating? I see no threatening messages only someone’s opinion. This would be protected by freedom of speech


jon_hendry t1_iy9wrpd wrote

If they want to park the truck on their own property and show anti-Sikh propaganda, that's one thing. But parking the truck in front of a Sikh restaurant gets into harassment and intimidation based on religion or ethnicity.


Phantastic_Elastic t1_iy8asql wrote

Moron right wingers distrust any religion that involves head coverings. They might as well all be one in the same to them. I doubt the persons sending these hate messages had any idea about any of the faiths they were mocking, or even which one it was. This is how reactionaries think: anyone different than me is a threat.


mj0r t1_iy8gi7p wrote

No, This is targeted. They know exactly which religion/people they are attacking.


KindRevolution80 t1_iyanvu7 wrote

It says in the article the Sikh community believes the billboard was rented by Hindu Indians. The conflict among Muslim, Hindu and Sikh Indians is not on a lot of Americans' radar.


Jassas0 t1_iyed0b6 wrote

Hindu parties in India have been oppressing Sikhs and Muslims for a while. Majority of Muslims got out with their own land of Pakistan. But the ones that remain along with the Sikhs are going through it. The Sikhs and Mulsims there have no problem with each other or against Hindus (apart from maybe some local shuffles here and there) during the separation in 1947, along with Pakistan, the Sikhs were supposed to have their own land as well but that land was one of the most fertile and water rich lands in the region so India lied and tricked the Sikhs at the time out of it with fake promises. Hence why there's a fight for their own land still today. Its not any new separatists or radical movement. Just what they deserved. So instead India broke the land apart into pieces making other states and funding Hindu communities so weaken the Sikh claim to the lands. This oppression has also spilled its way into countries like America but not every gov official buys their bs


Jassas0 t1_iyedqpt wrote

They've committed mass murders, allow forced conversion, pushed drugs into the hands of young kids. They allow this to happen openly in Sikh populated Punjab, but have strict laws and restrictions in other parts. All what is considered systematic genocide. Still happening today. There are multiple organizations here in US that actively push the idea that Sikhs are just Hindus, They've hijacked our holidays, our history in the World History books. It's wild stuff


Kodiak01 t1_iy8mkmc wrote

> Moron right wingers distrust any religion that involves head coverings.

"We're making the key decision now for our kids. It's religion decision time, you know, and I'm not bringing ‘em up Catholic, I've made that decision, ‘cause I was raised Catholic and NO WAY! Eh-eh. Nope. You know what, I can't bring my kids up in a church whose authority system is entirely based on the size of fucking hats, okay? That's apparently how the Catholic church is run. The bigger the hat, the more important the guy, right? Priests have no hats, cardinals have those little red beanies, the pope has a collection of big hats... God must have a HUGE fucking sombrero up in heaven, huh? "Look at me, I'm God! Look at the size of my hat, who else would I be?" "I don't know, lead singer of Los Lobos? I don't know! You tell me!" "-Denis Leary


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iy88gie wrote

Hope they catch the Republicans responsible for this.


BeadyEyedThieves t1_iy8e6id wrote

"These 'republicans', are they in the room with us right now?"


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iy8flpt wrote

No, they're generally not allowed in my house, being as they are *wilfull carriers of transmissible diseases and gullible assholes.

I'll tell you one place they are though, Norwich, harassing members of a religious community.


KindRevolution80 t1_iyaoh2x wrote

It says in the article the Sikh community believes the billboard was rented by Hindu Indians. The conflict among Muslim, Hindu and Sikh Indians is not on a lot of Americans' radar.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iybc5pw wrote

It's on the radar of other nationalist, racist movements, i.e., Republicans.


BeadyEyedThieves t1_iy8hv75 wrote

So democrats don't carry or transmit disease? Was it that super successful covid vaccine? Wow this is quite a scientific revelation. Has this been fact checked by Reuters? I'm gonna need a source. Oh wait, I just checked snopes, it's been scientifically verified in a study done on six bisexual lebanese donkeys.

It was literally 1-a couple of people. Again, get a grip. Your "biggest threat to america" also seems to be your wet dream.


flatdanny t1_iy8jn3d wrote

Dont believe in statistics?

Prove him wrong. We're gonna need a source.


BeadyEyedThieves t1_iy8mzu0 wrote

I don't believe in contrived statistics, no. If you like meaningful statistics, go check out Israel's or Australia's covid metrics. They split out hospitilizations and deaths by vaccination status on a weekly basis.

For the week of 10/15/22 NSW reported 2 unvaccinated deaths, and no hospitilizations for that group. All vaccinated groups accounted for 231 hospitilizations and 33 deaths. Of course, older people are more likely to be vaccinated and they should be overrepresented in that regard. But all that suggests is that old/sick people die of this disease at best. At worst it suggests that it doesn't help those that need it to help them, and the others simply don't need it!

Looks through any of these weeks and see who is represented in hospitilizations and deaths by their vaccination status. It's all in line with the above.

The evidence doesn't even come close to supporting that it prevents either. Anyone arguing otherwise just doesn't want to look at the evidence and would rather protect the team that they've been rooting for.

But please, tell me more about how I don't believe statistics, when I'm presenting you government approved statistics that strongly suggests the vaccine does not prevent hospitalization or transmission. I think it's you, my friend.


flatdanny t1_iya7kci wrote

Covid death rates are higher among Republicans than Democrats, mounting evidence shows

>Average excess death rates in Florida and Ohio were 76% higher among Republicans than Democrats from March 2020 to December 2021, according to a working paper released last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Excess deaths refers to deaths above what would be anticipated based on historical trends.

>A study in June published in Health Affairs similarly found that counties with a Republican majority had a greater share of Covid deaths through October 2021, relative to majority-Democratic counties.


flatdanny t1_iy8x7sm wrote

> The evidence doesn't even come close to supporting that it prevents either.

Show me where vaccines were hyped to "prevent covid." They never were. The pitch was that if you caught covid, your symptoms would most likely be less severe.

A lot of non vaxxed people suffered from the Herman Cain syndrome, and died due to their infections, weakened by comorbidity.


BuckNastysMamma t1_iy9inc1 wrote

Lol I hate people who use actual statistics out of context to try to spin a narrative.

Looking at just the most recent ones, either 0 or 1 of the deaths per week were people under the age of 65. Also unless I am missing it, it doesn't mention if that under 65 was vaccinated or not. We've known for a while that the 65+ age group are considered as "high risk" when it comes to COVID-19. There was a strong push for those aged 65 and up, those who are immunocompromised or those who have comorbidities to get the vaccine.

People 65 and older are more likely to have serious health concerns when it comes to COVID or other health issues in general. It's no surprise that people in this age group are dying more, regardless of vaccination status.

The bullshit you're spewing right now is a classic case of "correlation does not equal causation" and if you don't understand what that means that maybe go dO sOmE mOrE rEsEaRcH.

Edit: Their account is suspended, lmao. Wonder why!


Kodiak01 t1_iy8mzgt wrote

Atheists are actually some of the most militantly anti-religion of all. Can't say I know too many that are Republicans.


flatdanny t1_iy8w3vp wrote

Atheists are a-religion, not necessarily anti religion. It literally means without religion.

True that some are against religion, but so many religions are "anti" other religions that arent their own.

Most people subscribe to a particular religion because they were born into and raised in it.

How many "one true god" can there be?

A true atheist isnt "anti" religion, he just doesnt care to participate.


WhittlingDan t1_iy9tf51 wrote

Its without belief in god(s). Most atheists are agnostic atheists. A Gnostic atheist would be claiming to know for a fact and that's as absurd as a Gnostic theist.

I'm an atheist and don't any away from that. I also go to a Universal Unitarian Church nearby that has a diverse mix of beliefs.


Kodiak01 t1_iy90q2j wrote

>A true atheist isnt "anti" religion, he just doesnt care to participate

Oh, they participate alright. Ever been into /r/atheist? Their favorite hobby is participating by blocking others from participating in theirs. They're some of the most vehement of all.


flatdanny t1_iya6xo6 wrote

I cant speak for them, but most atheists just dont care. They prioritize other things than religion in their lives and dont need structure or threats to do the right moral thing. Keep your guilt to yourselves.

I get that religion does both good and bad for people and that some people need that.

I do resent having to fund them by paying taxes when they dont. Especially now when so many "churches " are more political action groups than spiritual places.

Ive never had any interest in going to /r/atheist


Kodiak01 t1_iyaato1 wrote

> Ive never had any interest in going to /r/atheist

Imagine if the FDS and Socialist subreddits had a love child...


WhittlingDan t1_iy9tccw wrote

Or you only hear those because most of us atheists don't give a shit. Its when people try to push religion on us or make false claims. For one America is not a Christian country, heck we don't even have an official language.