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MeasureTheCrater t1_ixodf41 wrote

Looks like it could be the Starlink satellites passing by a star.


sleepytime03 t1_ixql7sh wrote

When I was younger we were at camp, I saw one of these satellites go right past the moon, changed my life forever.


MeasureTheCrater t1_ixoefqh wrote

Yup, most likely a train of Starlink satellites:

5:48 pm, 24 Nov 2022 Starlink-60 (G4-34), DIM (2.8) for 5 mins Look from SOUTHWEST to NORTH Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 55°, end: 41°


Financial_Ad_3081 t1_ixpamyu wrote

Would one be able to find out if these satellites were visible around downtown hartford the date of. October 10th?


Sneaky-er t1_ixomc04 wrote

The turkeys making their way to the other side.


Ok-Tangerine9469 OP t1_ixog1w2 wrote

The video I took had 4 in a formation. I looked back and only one was visible. I've seen too many crazy stupid movies.


PsyrusTheGreat t1_ixoj6d0 wrote

It's weird how UFOs stared popping up over Hartford after we legalized... /s


Ok-Tangerine9469 OP t1_ixouavo wrote

I just posted the video I took also on r/connecticut. Doesn't look like starlink trains I saw on YouTube. But I am no expert.


CxT_The_Plague t1_ixq9hv5 wrote

it's literally paper lanterns you can see where they are being launch at the just below and to the left of the group.


Thorpester t1_ixq4rqn wrote

Post the video to r/UFOs ,they would like this.


ViperGTS_MRE t1_ixovfl2 wrote

It's just Clark Griswold trying out his new snow saucer.


Infamous_Bend4521 t1_ixptuoj wrote

Eversource turned on more lights with your 50%rate hike! Lol


CxT_The_Plague t1_ixq9cwv wrote

For the love of God stop milking this. They are paper lanterns, you can see where they are being launch from I. the bottom left of this picture, and the video briefly before confidently cutting away from them to try and maintain the illusion.

are you that bored?


itsmills420 t1_ixph13g wrote

Lock your doors, they are here for the leftovers


riefpirate t1_ixpo171 wrote

Have you ever seen rhe movie Cacoon ?


zapawu t1_ixqk0n8 wrote

Paper lanterns


0cclumency t1_ixq5ciq wrote

Weird things in the sky are always weather balloons.


neermif t1_ixq8nx2 wrote

They at least look pretty tall so that’s a good start


gr34tguy t1_ixqt0n9 wrote

nah i live in new haven


Fecal_Enthusiest t1_ixp4vv3 wrote

This is the worst quality picture I’ve ever seen.

You should be ashamed of this post.


aqan t1_ixp97jw wrote

Lol. It is a low effort post.


TheNextFreud t1_ixopvgi wrote

Trash can fire from a homeless person?