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Jawaka99 t1_iy6pl5v wrote

Could have done something about this last election but no, everyone just votes D down the line.


encab91 t1_iy7ewfm wrote

Of course. We should have voted in Republicans. Then we would get shittier roads, underfunded public services and an even bigger price hike! We missed a big opportunity here.


Myotherside t1_iy7qpyc wrote

You know that voting D or R is pretty much the same thing when it comes to regulating large monopolies, right?

Honestly we need to elect some straight up communists to push the state to seize the means of production and inject capital into green alternatives. Cover every roof with solar as a starting point.

Or elect satanists, I don’t care. But D or R is just a vote for a very marginal effective difference in leadership.


WhittlingDan t1_iya3udw wrote

The problem is first past the post elections. We need something different for example ranked voting. There are other variations but the current way almost guarantees no other parties have a chance in hell.