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F__kCustomers t1_iy7gzgy wrote

Where is US Senator Blumenthal?

Where are the chicken wing State Senators?!

  • Looney, Duff, Anwar, Bradley, Miller, McCrory, Moore, Abrams, Cabrera, Cassano, Cohen, Flexer, Fonfara, Hartley, Haskell, Kushner, Lopes, Maroney, Needleman, Osten, Slap, Winfield

Dems hold the majority. We pay each Red and Blue person 28K a year to pass laws particularly to help CT families. That’s your job. To pass laws that help us. If CT citizens want a law stating we can throw water balloons at State Senators faces, then you will pass the bill. You have no opinion. As a matter of fact, CT citizens need the power to throw balloons filled with water at you anywhere you are.

Income taxes were supposed to be temporary when the green light was given in the 80’s. Here we are 30+ years later with “temporary taxes”. I was still a child during this temporary time.

  • You are in our pockets. Do what we tell you to do. The same goes for our dirtbag mayors. I don’t understand why we vote for these people. They do nothing.

CT citizens have complained for donkey years about these two vampire companies. They have sucked enough wealth from taxpayers.

CT taxpayers have stated for years taxes are too high (property, car, sales) and we see no benefits other than shit.

Pass a law forcing Eversource and UI to eat the difference until Natural Gas prices decrease. They will survive.

Taxpayers across the US are fed up. TBH, it wouldn’t surprise me if they start humiliating Politicians like that Black Mirror episode “The National Anthem” where Prime Minister Callow must have relations with a pig on TV.

It’s pretty obvious Vladimir Putin is using this war to frustrate consumers and taxpayers of countries that import a good chunk of Natural Gas and Oil in a bid to destabilize states and nations. Duh motherf****. From the Federal to the State to the Local, you bumbling fools are just allowing it.

  • Families will freeze because turning off the heat is the only thing to do.
  • Pipes will freeze damaging homes. Landlords better watch out! You are now paying the heating bill to keep your pipes warm.
  • Gas (And Diesel is out of control) is still expensive even with the gas tax holiday.

The irony is Petroleum products from Russia are being sent to other countries where a new name is slapped on the container and the US still buys it. Prices magically remain high despite this. It seems like a variety of people are extorting and calling it inflation.

  • BTW, Lamont “worked hard with Eversource” to get you a $10 bill credit. Here are your 🥜

Lamont and Eversource help working families with a credit for January 1st rate hikes.

The only way to stop this nonsense:

  • CT families purchase majority stock in Eversource and force it into submission.

  • We buy enough stock that dividends cancel out the electric bill.

  • Every single family home gets a Solar roof and two storage batteries. Then setup another panel and shut off the one for the utility killing it for good.

  • Let me choose how my taxes (property, car, sales, use) get spent. I’d like to use it subsidize my electric bills, repave my street, and fix the potholed roads in my area since you schmucks obviously don’t want to.


pridkett t1_iy81wa7 wrote

>* CT families purchase majority stock in Eversource and force it into submission. > >* We buy enough stock that dividends cancel out the electric bill.

That doesn't work from a math perspective. Eversource has a market cap of $28.46 billion. There are 3.6 million people in Connecticut. A controlling stake (50% + 1 share) would require every man, woman, and child to purchase $3722 of Eversource - and that's before the price starts to go up as people realize they can sell for more.

Eversource currently pays a dividend of $0.6375/share/quarter - or $2.55/yr for a little over a 3% yield. For the math on the dividends to work out they would need to collect 97% of their revenue from sources other than home electricity.

> * Every single family home gets a Solar roof and two storage batteries. Then setup another panel and shut off the one for the utility killing it for good.

The economics on this are staggering. For panels and three Powerwalls, that don't even cover all of the electric needs in my house, especially during the winter, I paid $32,000ish before incentives in 2020. Prices have gone up since then. A solar roof is even more expensive. Plus the replacement cost of batteries. Even I admit that financially it didn't make sense for me to Powerwalls, but they're cool toys and I don't like losing power.

This plan, even if you could get enough panels and installers, and enough people had good roofs, would be incredibly expensive. There are about 1.5 million residential homes in Connecticut of which 1.3 million are occupied and 900,000 are owner occupied - I'm leaving out apartments because their math gets difficult. At $30,000 a house for just the owner occupied houses, we're at $27bn, which is, purely coincidentally, the market cap of Eversource. And such a plan does NOTHING to help out renters who are often in need of more help because of generally lesser quality housing stock. In fact it would almost certainly hurt them as individual solar deployments typically have a net negative externality on the grid because their spikier demand.


krugo t1_iy8vdv3 wrote

$2.55/year per $80 share. There are other considerations, but if your Eversource bill is $100/mo, or $1200/year, you can somewhat account for your annual bill with a meager 470.59 shares, or a cool $37,647 investment. NBD.


F__kCustomers t1_iy82xml wrote

  1. We’ve already paid more than 27 billion to over the last 20 years. I am pretty sure if you gave the ability for homes to power themselves, tax payers would line up. The property taxes we pay could have given every a Solar Roof years ago. Instead we got these Solar scams.

  2. The goal is control Eversource with stock buys and it doesn’t have to be every one. As long as they are told to help families, not hurt them.

  3. There are plenty of other dividend paying stocks. At this point, that seems to be the only way to offset the cost of this nonsense. You buy enough shares so it pays for the electric bill.

They have no interest is helping, curbing spending, being honest, defending CT citizens, and just saying no.


cryptocratic7 t1_iy7nqr9 wrote

I hope they continue to raise rates. And i hope the people in this sub that continue to defend the politicians of CT get screwed so you finally learn the lesson.

Red and blue dont care about you. You need to stop giving them your vote, your thoughts and your money. The moment you realize you are not represented, thats when you wake up.

The people that defend lamont and his crew are about to learn a good lesson. You need to fire them all, the reds too. Career politicians do not work for you, they work for eversource and corporations.


Pinkumb t1_iy86yi2 wrote

Ah yes, nihilism. Where nothing gets better but at least you've soothed your ego by having your perpetual negativity validated. Cringe post. You should feel embarrassed.


BeadyEyedThieves t1_iy8gqdt wrote

Yes, because regurgitating the MSM narrative verbatim on social media isn't an exercise in superficial validation and accomplishes so much.

At least this person isn't childish enough to think one side are the good guys and one side are the bad guys. They both rape this country endlessly of our hard earned tax dollars, one group just does it with a smile and tells you it's for your own good.


cryptocratic7 t1_iy8i8yd wrote

Political representation is dead. Every election cycle we get bombarded by corporate funded campaigns that create an illusion of “candidates for the people”.

Stop giving them the time of day. Stop defending them. Both sides sucks and they care only for their corporate masters.


WhittlingDan t1_iya4djq wrote

Other sides suck I will agree however they are not the same, far from it. If people want more options including (viable) other parties we need to end First-past-the-post and replace it with something along the lines of ranked choice.


cryptocratic7 t1_iya63yo wrote

We need change.

We do not need more career politicians or cult followers


cryptocratic7 t1_iy8bqlh wrote

I hope you end up signing up for assistance to keep from freezing to death friend. Nothing but the best for CT natives that refuse to see the underlying problems of the state.


Pinkumb t1_iy8tbxq wrote

I hope someday you choose to stop being so miserable.


ParkingDouble8686 t1_iy8nu5k wrote

Yeah, fire everybody! Brilliant! Question. Whose charge? No one? You?


cryptocratic7 t1_iy952hc wrote

I know hard to grasp for you but if you look at the constitution, the government should be ran by the people, for the people. Not the corporations. So yes, fire them all, put term limits, stop corporate PACs and corporate level lobbying and make public servants serve the public and not private corporations.


enigma7x t1_iy8xgql wrote

Except the politicians passed a law allowing us to swap to any supplier for electricity we want without penalty. They armed us already with what we need to combat this. There have been multiple posts on the subreddit about it. You have leverage against eversource on the supply side because competition exists there.


cryptocratic7 t1_iy95jj3 wrote

The vast majority of people cant. Also have you read their contracts? What about the eversource delivery service?

We have a monopoly with make up to make it look like a free market (oh wow u get to choose ur source but get butt fucked with delivery and contract details/penalties).

I know there are people here who will defend their beloved politicians even if get thrown out of their homes. Good luck.


enigma7x t1_iy9gax9 wrote

With respect to eversource, anyone has access to alternative suppliers. It is illegal in Connecticut for there to be any punitive conditions on any contract or rate lock with a supplier - this is the law I'm referring to. I've read the contract, it mentions fees for breaking your lock for a different supplier "unless in the following states" where CT is listed because our Congress people did that for us. I am not worshipping anyone. I am stating a factual law on the books that they created to our benefit.

Eversource still owns delivery. Their rates are locked by law until 2024. This is what happens when you privatize a utility. If you are arguing for a state sponsored and run energy company, I wholeheartedly agree.


Myotherside t1_iy7tk8h wrote

Everything you said is very idealistic and exactly the opposite of how things actually work. Just like most of civics class.