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Myotherside t1_iy7r8tf wrote

Politics is mostly fake, parties are just there to provide capital and ballot access to chosen insiders and block outsiders from successfully participating in politics.


Seegson-Synthetics t1_iy7utaw wrote

It’s a shame that so many like you share this belief. Politics is absolutely anything but fake—just ask the millions of women who can’t get abortions any longer and are being forced to carry to term their rapists’ child, or brain dead fetuses, or their father’s/brother’s/other relative’s child.


Myotherside t1_iyb5o26 wrote

Under a democratic president and in many states new abortion laws were signed into law by democratic governors. And when it comes to other critically important issues they are totally useless. Just give me a break with the political apologetics. Most of these political narratives are just that: narratives.


Dank_Birds_ t1_iy7z2nx wrote

Politics is real. The only reason this is an issue in conservative states is because the democrats failed to see through their prior promises. They knew if roe was ever overturned or challenged that it would be great politically so they did nothing. It’s an issue that will get a moderate women to vote democrat. That’s why it was never a legislative priority at the federal level when Obama and Joe could’ve secured it. The vast majority of America is fine with common sense abortion laws. The issue again is liberal democrats that say dumb things that get repeated on Fox News… like allowing elective late stage abortion for no medical purpose.


Spooky2000 t1_iy7xg1f wrote


Seegson-Synthetics t1_iy87qo6 wrote

This comes from a study done in 1987, where 1900 women were surveyed. It’s hardly representative of today’s statistics. But even if it were, 1% (using 1987 numbers…nearly 40 years out of date) represents something like 16,000 women per year. So you’d be okay with 16,000 women each year being forced to give birth to their rapists’ child?


WhittlingDan t1_iyac869 wrote

They painted themselves in the corner on this. If they want to claim abortion is murder they can't very well claim that it doesn't count just because the father was/is a rapist/cousin...

I'm Pro-choice. If they claim any exception but medical is ok then they are contradicting their abortion is murder claim. So I wonder what part they are lying about? Reminds me of when I heard Roe Vs Wade was settled, by a Republican, only to overturn it.


Spooky2000 t1_iy885o0 wrote

>So you’d be okay with 16,000 women each year being forced to give birth to their rapists’ child?

No, I'm not. But almost every state still has exceptions for these things along with the health of the mother.

If democrats really cared, they would have codified abortion sometime in the last 50 years, but they don't. They just want to use it as a political tool.


WhittlingDan t1_iyacxpo wrote

So are you saying your ok with abortion for rape/incest and mothers health but nothing else?

Do you not believe abortion is murder? How does who the father is change that? Either you believe its murder or it isnt?

Im pro choice and consistent or should I say pro-choice and honest?