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AvogadrosMoleSauce t1_iy44gdi wrote

Bring back the gas tax, keep the free bus service.


DanHassler0 t1_iy4gmzo wrote

It's pathetic the lower tax has lasted this long. It should be raised higher than the old rate.


giant_toad42 t1_iy4taob wrote

Gas tax is literally a regressive tax. The people who are hurt the most by it are at the lower end of the income spectrum. It also impacts our economy from top to bottom. Price of diesel is fucking us all - the trucks that ship our goods, that's not free. Each truckload is thousands of dollars in transportation fees.


AvogadrosMoleSauce t1_iy5uyyv wrote



giant_toad42 t1_iy5xx15 wrote

Hey. Gas isn't even a problem for me. I could care less if the gas tax is $1 a gallon. No skin off my back.

I'm just saying it as it is. We're all getting screwed by high gas tax. Also the diversion of our natural gas to support Europe. They should fight their own fight.