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SKIPPY_IS_REAL t1_iy4zc02 wrote

 This was a good response. Thank you. Like I said, I actually am not upset with Lamont and I know Dan Malloy personally.  My parents actually introduced him to his wife.  I vote as an independent, but I voted for Lamont in this last election. I see Hartford's history and it's value. I do think that we are spiralling again though. We never really recovered from 2008, had a quick adrenaline shot during Covid from everyone leaving New York and Massachusetts, but we need to get cost of living under control in this state.  My fiancé and I make about $130,000 a year combine and would prefer to live here for the school system and general quality of life but many people I work with don't have a second income and things like electric bills, cost of gas and diesel, the cost of food and high property tax\car tax are making them all apply down south to get away.