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ctusa73 t1_iusu4yb wrote

There's "BoB". Pandering to the meat heads.


Various-Space-680 t1_iutsi96 wrote

Bob slow to recognize it was likely one of his potential voters doin the shootin


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iutt39u wrote

It was 100% one of his voters. The dude was a hardcore Trumper and Good Guy™ with a gun.


[deleted] t1_iuu7bl3 wrote

The funniest part is the shooter was friends with one of the cops he killed. These idiots "back the blue" until their mood changes.


0cclumency t1_iuwcnse wrote

For the sake of clarity, they were Facebook friends— and the asshole shooter had over 1000 people added, so they weren’t necessarily actually friends.


G3Saint t1_iute1m6 wrote

Unless someone can explain it to me I don't understand Stefadumbskis argument., what did this law have to do with the unfortunate shootings in Bristol? The shooter legally owned weapons and was not a a career criminal they kept letting out of jail early. This is the worst sort of political pandering . absolutely disgusting


maybe_little_pinch t1_iuu0dam wrote

He has to rile up the 2a people to have a chance. Those people have almost a complete overlap with the "thin blue line" people, so he has to target gun laws and police reform to get the most chaos going.

He is also putting out mailers about tolls because people may not realize those are a nonstarter.