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hgravesc t1_iwchxmg wrote

Try and let us know how it goes.


Papa_Bearto2 t1_iwcj12p wrote

I mean I’d go to a urologist to have it done.


tobiasrfunke t1_iwcj1yp wrote

On the other hand, if the McDonald's worker makes your burger incorrectly, you can't sue them for everything they're worth...


Connecticut-ModTeam t1_iwck387 wrote

Hi, r/Connecticut is focused on Connecticut related items. Your post was removed for not being relevant and specific to Connecticut. Regards, The Moderators


connfaceit t1_iwck9d8 wrote

Go to a Urologist. Nobody questioned mine when I got it done


Long_Ad_9092 t1_iwcmn6z wrote

Being a doctor is a little more nuanced than serving a burger if you can imagine.


bigelow6698 OP t1_iwdwefb wrote

Right, but it is a urologist's job to perform vasectomies, just as it is a fast food worker's job to cook burgers. Therefore, both jobs should come with an expectation to do the job you where hired to do.


Pancrat t1_iwcjln5 wrote

Idk if it’s sterilization. Pretty high rates of success for reversals and sometimes they reverse themselves.


virtualchoirboy t1_iwcpfdj wrote

>Pretty high rates of success for reversals

This probably needs context. The higher success rates are only if done within a few years of the initial vasectomy. The longer you wait, the lower the odds of successful reversal and even lower odds of being able to get a partner pregnant.