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Usedtoknowsomeone46 t1_iwrg6yg wrote

Typical democrat.


Fantafyren t1_iwt0fln wrote


This person seemed pretty sus to me, so I looked through some of their other comments. And their intentions are kinda obvious. They will purposefully make an aggravating response to your post, disagree with what you say, or just try and push controversial opinions or even mild conspiracies on you, claiming to have "facts", but never actually posting proof when asked to. So don't sour your day by giving this person any type of attention.

I have followed their account, and plan on posting this wall of text in response to every troll-like comment made on here, until I find it too boring. Which could take a while. So move on, and have a good day.


[deleted] t1_iws8zlh wrote

I know you are Happy and just say shit for a reaction but for anyone who reads this the Republican town clerk who was part of the scheme testified against him and wasn't charged. This was small town politics, not party politics.


dumbthrow33 t1_iwsqfi6 wrote

Here come the whataboutism… liberals will NEVER take responsibility for their actions, it’s always “well yeah, but look at THIS over here which is WAY worse!”


coolducklingcool t1_iwvblif wrote

Pot, meet kettle. 🤣

That’s not about conservatives or liberals. That’s politicians in general. All of them. Hell, it’s humans in general.


dumbthrow33 t1_iwvwpjo wrote

Oh I agree with that 110% but some people are hive-minded to no end. ALL POLITICIANS ARE IN IT FOR THE MONEY AND POWER.