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Usedtoknowsomeone46 t1_ixbd30n wrote

AR15 needs to be banned. Sorry not sorry.


Justinontheinternet t1_ixbnto6 wrote

We already have a ban in CT.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixc79de wrote

They are? Tell that to the two bristol police officers last month who was shot by one last month...

Oh wait, you cant..


Nomadbytrade t1_ixcej6z wrote




AdHistorical7107 t1_ixcewdy wrote

Awww your intellect is phenomenal. Can't even type out a sentence. What a lazy 🤡


Nomadbytrade t1_ixcf2hd wrote

Still alive though. So smarter than those dumb bastards lol.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixcf96d wrote

A shame we have to share air with POS like you. But you'll get what's coming to you


Remigius t1_ixca2cm wrote

CT already is too strict on firearms


im_intj t1_ixc75qv wrote

Please ban AR15 and make AK47 legal. Everyone knows the 7.62x39 is a far superior caliber.


TheOkayestName t1_ixbiujw wrote

Murder is already illegal. Banning inanimate objects won’t stop murder. Might as well ban cars so they can’t get in a police chase too!


Strat7855 t1_ixbizqq wrote

Will make it a hell of a lot less efficient, though.


TheOkayestName t1_ixbj330 wrote

Efficient for whom exactly? The people who disregard laws or those who want something in their house in case of intruder?


Strat7855 t1_ixbjx3n wrote

Guns ain't drugs. People enmeshed in the criminal element will likely still be able to find them, but the mentally ill who become mass shooters only get their hands on these weapons because society allows them to. And for criminals, why make it easy for them?

Home invasions are exceedingly rare. Your insecurities aren't justification for public policy that costs lives.

And anyways, if you're using a rifle to defend your house you're doing it wrong.


Soggy_Affect6063 t1_ixbl7k3 wrote

“Home invasions are exceedingly rare. Your insecurities aren't justification for public policy that costs lives.”

TF are you talking about? There was a home invasion at gun point that happened TODAY.


CaptainSolo80 t1_ixbn5fx wrote

Don’t worry I’m sure that guy’s baseball bat will work great against an armed crack head.

Guns ain’t drugs?! Drugs are the number one reason why criminals kill, to get more of/protect their drugs.

So let me get this straight this guys arguments are “criminals will always be able to get guns, so let’s disarm citizens, because helping the mentally ill is too complex.” And “At least that mentality ill Person won’t kill as many people”

That last one is the most smooth brained shit I hear all the time.

How about figuring out ways to help mentally Ill people so they don’t wanna kill anyone?!?

Okay you ban guns, what is stopping that mentally ill person that wants to kill as many people as possible from building a bomb or running over a crowd of people with their car?

You have to commit a crime to get a gun if you’re not suppose to have one, whether it be buying a stolen one off the street or lying on the background check about your mental health history. I’ll say it again banning guns won’t just make criminals and ill people disappear, you need to help them at the source of their frustration but that’s a harder issue no one wants to address…

There are Europeans countries with more relaxed gun laws then American, and they don’t all wanna shoot up schools or commit drive bys law abiding citizens in Switzerland can buy and own brand new fully automatic machine guns.

There’s a reason why the major American cities with the strictest gun laws still have the HIGHEST murder rate.


Strat7855 t1_ixbn2ax wrote

Burglaries in 2021 happened a rate of 154 incidents per population of 100,000. And that's all burglaries, of all property types, of all occupancies, armed assailants and otherwise.

BuT iT hApPeNeD tOdAy is not a cogent response to the point I was making. Again, your emotions don't justify bad policy.


TheOkayestName t1_ixbnv84 wrote

It happened today proved that it happened. Today. Your crimeless utopia fell flat there bud.


Strat7855 t1_ixbogrs wrote

You've passed "willful ignorance" and are rounding the corner into "suspected learning disability."

Yes, armed home invasions do happen. They are exceedingly rare. One could be happening in my home, right now, as I type this, and it would have no bearing on how often they do or do not occur. Do you understand that?

That you're fixated on a single instance indicates an emotional response, not one rooted in reality. I prefer my public policy based on facts.


Soggy_Affect6063 t1_ixbpcht wrote

Great. Then we agree. One instance is not a call for an emotional response or the enactment of bad policy. So if a shooting happens, it’s not a call for a ban on guns because “it would have no bearing on how often they do or do not occur.” Thank you.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixcdxpt wrote

You're talking with a top contender for the dumbest person on this subreddit. Like shocking, special, almost exquisite level of stupid.


TheOkayestName t1_ixe2ppy wrote

Do you have autism!


-Gaunter-O-Dimm t1_ixe8rja wrote

Serious question, I’ve noticed lots of other users accusing you of blocking them for seemingly civil comments but you haven’t blocked this one user who I always see you having this weird autism beef with. What’s the story there?


TheOkayestName t1_ixebymf wrote

He asked me, out of no where and completely random & out of context, if I had autism once.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixh957b wrote

It's obvious why I asked you.


TheOkayestName t1_ixhnuy1 wrote

How so?


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixhs7zc wrote

C'mon. Don't be obtuse.

I've personally explained anecdotal evidence to you like five times and I've seen other people do it many more.

Yet every day you still post the same sort of dummy arguments based on anecdotes.

That's a serious cognitive or social abnormality.


AlphaSlayer21 t1_ixc1mqt wrote

An AR is an excellent home defense weapon what are you talking about


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixcdtqs wrote

Maybe for small dicked morons.


Nomadbytrade t1_ixceqbp wrote

Can you explain to us on the fence about gun control, why an AR 15 is a bad home defense weapon?


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixch4il wrote

Because before you ever defend your home with it, you're more likely to kill a family member or yourself with it. Like, exponentially more likely.

If you do ever defend your home with it, you're likely to punch rounds through your walls and then through the wall of the house next to you and through some little kids sleeping in their bed a half a block away.

Or you're likely to snap one day and then ambush a couple of cops.

What's wrong with the shotgun?

Trying to think of another home security option where "might occasionally kill family members by accident" is listed under the "pros." Can you think of any? I suppose if you had an alligator filled moat, someone could fall in and you might be like "well it's not a bug it's a feature."

Don't see many people with alligator filled moats though do you.


AlphaSlayer21 t1_ixcicxr wrote

They’re called frangible rounds. That’s the .223 you use for self defense, and that’s what I’ll grab every time. Know the rules of weapon safety and the layout of your home. Have fun clearing your house with a 26” barrel and 5 rounds of buckshot (that can definitely go through drywall by the way).


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixclrcp wrote

>They’re called frangible rounds. That’s the .223 you use for self defense, and that’s what I’ll grab every time. Know the rules of weapon safety and the layout of your home.

Okay how about the rest of the post.....or do you only care about shooting your neighbors not family members.

>Have fun clearing your house with a 26” barrel and 5 rounds of buckshot (that can definitely go through drywall by the way).

You're larping around with some fantasy of home and self-defense, probably suffer from some lack of perceived control outside the home, when in reality you're probably just going to shoot one of those frangible rounds right into your spouse before you ever shoot an intruder.


AlphaSlayer21 t1_ixcph0v wrote

Bullets go through walls no matter what kind of firearm it is. It could be a .22 and it’s going through drywall. Just because I own an AR and that’s my go-to self defense weapon doesn’t mean I’m larping and delusional. It’s a personal choice, you want your shotgun for self defense and I want my AR. Enjoy your freedom of choice, but just because I own an AR doesn’t mean I’m more likely to shoot up a bunch of cops. I live alone so your argument to me is null and void about lighting up my make believe spouse. Fuck off and mind your own business when you don’t know what you’re talking about.


AlphaSlayer21 t1_ixcf6eq wrote

Oh how original, good luck beating a home intruder to death with your obviously massive shlong.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixc7cl8 wrote

And this is why we still have so many murders and kids being shot in elementary schools....

Your mindset is what's wrong with America....

But have your gun. Clearly you value it more than children. 🤦


TheOkayestName t1_ixe2ezl wrote

“This is why” what’s why? Are you saying that the guns themselves are killing people?


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixeclwb wrote

No. Apparently there are enablers of violence. You are one of them. Congratulations on making society more dangerous


TheOkayestName t1_ixedupc wrote

I’m not in a gang or criminal network. How exactly am I making society “more dangerous”??


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixefe3x wrote

See. Small mind. Can't figure out was an enabler is....



TheOkayestName t1_ixeg1q4 wrote

Nice ad hominem you got there. You gonna answer my question or result to insults ?

How am I making society “more dangerous “?


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixekclh wrote

See. I can't help it you don't know what a enabler is. I've said it twice before and you still have the same question? You can't figure out how enabling one to own a gun for mass murders makes you a danger to society? Well than, that says enough about you....


TheOkayestName t1_ixfqp6y wrote

So OWNING a gun makes you a danger to society. Bro. Lmao.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixfxqd7 wrote

Clearly you dont possess the skills to comprehend the English language. What a 🤡.


TheOkayestName t1_ixfydar wrote

I asked how I am making society more dangerous. You’re the clown who can’t answer that question.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixgsq8s wrote

Wtf. Are you that dumb? Look up the definition what an enabler is. That's you. Now sit down.


TheOkayestName t1_ixh0vcd wrote

Alright fuckstick. How am I an enabler? You sound fun at parties.


BeerJunky t1_ixdqpiy wrote

Australia banned most guns and doesn’t have mass shootings much anymore outside of a couple of terrorist incidents in that last couple decades. US has like 5 A WEEK.


Sweaty_Conclusion_80 t1_ixes7uk wrote

Australia was also able to herd and bully its citizens around in 2020 in the name of Covid restrictions.


BeerJunky t1_ixesnz5 wrote

Omg the horror, they had so many fewer deaths.