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letstalkab0utit t1_ixc8lpf wrote

I tell people all the time to think for themselves- stop putting every person in a category, stop putting them all in the same box.

They don’t get it, it falls on deaf ears.


[deleted] t1_ixcnpon wrote

Yeah putting everyone into little boxes sucks, but gun owners/enthusiasts are the breed that ruined this country. Fuck all of ‘em.


Dewage83 t1_ixdz2iu wrote

Thank you for making his point. Lol


Justinontheinternet t1_ixe1vdu wrote

Exactly I was going to reply But you nailed it. Me: Hey guys we’re not so different, let critically think about this. This dude: you’re right we’re not so different. SO FUCK THOSE GUYS OVER THERE