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ijuanaspearfish t1_ixck83v wrote

100% correct, I'd go even further with mandating more invasive background checks for people who want to own guns. Assuming it is done fairly and equally across all people.

Gun rights will always be an issue up here.


Lobstaman t1_ixckzse wrote

It’s amazing how everything else in the constitution is open to interpretation, but for some reason, the Second Amendment is carved in stone, and must be taken word for word.


MonkeySee27 t1_ixcm4pr wrote

Well, except the part about a well regulated militia, people seem to interpret away that part of the amendment.


ijuanaspearfish t1_ixcluwa wrote

Its the world we live in.

People are just scared of them, part of me understands but the other part just wants people to be more receptive of other opinions and views.

If I can do something to protect myself and my kids, what father wouldn't? Its life insurance I appendix carry.

Its also an activity I enjoy with my sons, going to the range, practicing our shooting and enjoying each others company. Just as much as going on hikes or my boat to fish.