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TheOkayestName t1_ixeg1q4 wrote

Nice ad hominem you got there. You gonna answer my question or result to insults ?

How am I making society “more dangerous “?


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixekclh wrote

See. I can't help it you don't know what a enabler is. I've said it twice before and you still have the same question? You can't figure out how enabling one to own a gun for mass murders makes you a danger to society? Well than, that says enough about you....


TheOkayestName t1_ixfqp6y wrote

So OWNING a gun makes you a danger to society. Bro. Lmao.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixfxqd7 wrote

Clearly you dont possess the skills to comprehend the English language. What a 🤡.


TheOkayestName t1_ixfydar wrote

I asked how I am making society more dangerous. You’re the clown who can’t answer that question.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixgsq8s wrote

Wtf. Are you that dumb? Look up the definition what an enabler is. That's you. Now sit down.


TheOkayestName t1_ixh0vcd wrote

Alright fuckstick. How am I an enabler? You sound fun at parties.