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guesthost1999 OP t1_ixbcg56 wrote

Female passenger in custody. Driver unconscious, weak pulse.


werdnak84 t1_ixbibtd wrote

Oh god another news story like this it's only been a day.


Strat7855 t1_ixbjx3n wrote

Guns ain't drugs. People enmeshed in the criminal element will likely still be able to find them, but the mentally ill who become mass shooters only get their hands on these weapons because society allows them to. And for criminals, why make it easy for them?

Home invasions are exceedingly rare. Your insecurities aren't justification for public policy that costs lives.

And anyways, if you're using a rifle to defend your house you're doing it wrong.


Strat7855 t1_ixbn2ax wrote

Burglaries in 2021 happened a rate of 154 incidents per population of 100,000. And that's all burglaries, of all property types, of all occupancies, armed assailants and otherwise.

BuT iT hApPeNeD tOdAy is not a cogent response to the point I was making. Again, your emotions don't justify bad policy.


CaptainSolo80 t1_ixbn5fx wrote

Don’t worry I’m sure that guy’s baseball bat will work great against an armed crack head.

Guns ain’t drugs?! Drugs are the number one reason why criminals kill, to get more of/protect their drugs.

So let me get this straight this guys arguments are “criminals will always be able to get guns, so let’s disarm citizens, because helping the mentally ill is too complex.” And “At least that mentality ill Person won’t kill as many people”

That last one is the most smooth brained shit I hear all the time.

How about figuring out ways to help mentally Ill people so they don’t wanna kill anyone?!?

Okay you ban guns, what is stopping that mentally ill person that wants to kill as many people as possible from building a bomb or running over a crowd of people with their car?

You have to commit a crime to get a gun if you’re not suppose to have one, whether it be buying a stolen one off the street or lying on the background check about your mental health history. I’ll say it again banning guns won’t just make criminals and ill people disappear, you need to help them at the source of their frustration but that’s a harder issue no one wants to address…

There are Europeans countries with more relaxed gun laws then American, and they don’t all wanna shoot up schools or commit drive bys law abiding citizens in Switzerland can buy and own brand new fully automatic machine guns.

There’s a reason why the major American cities with the strictest gun laws still have the HIGHEST murder rate.


Strat7855 t1_ixbogrs wrote

You've passed "willful ignorance" and are rounding the corner into "suspected learning disability."

Yes, armed home invasions do happen. They are exceedingly rare. One could be happening in my home, right now, as I type this, and it would have no bearing on how often they do or do not occur. Do you understand that?

That you're fixated on a single instance indicates an emotional response, not one rooted in reality. I prefer my public policy based on facts.


Justinontheinternet t1_ixbor50 wrote

Damn we’re 3rd in the nation in toughest gun control laws. How could this be if our gun control are so strong? It’s like these psychos totally disregard the laws. I wish there was a law we could pass that could erase evil intent. Maybe then these tragedies will stop. Even the CO shooting a year and a half ago the guy had made a home made bomb, threatened to blow up him mom. The authorities had to actually evacuate the entire block because of the situation. Yet he was still legally able to buy a gun. Why the hell was he on the street to begin with especially after a legitimate bomb threat?

Taking away guns from law abiding and limiting magazines isn’t going to fix the evil intent in people.

What will stop these shootings is destigmatized and easy access to affordable mental health care. And an overwhelming and visceral tactical response, much like the veteran who actually stopped the Colorado shooting. The vet grabbed the gun and beat the man over his head with it until a lady came over and started stomping the shooter with her heels.


Vet hero:

Gun control creates new victims because it disarms the law abiding who are on average 2-12x more law abiding than police officers.


Soggy_Affect6063 t1_ixbpcht wrote

Great. Then we agree. One instance is not a call for an emotional response or the enactment of bad policy. So if a shooting happens, it’s not a call for a ban on guns because “it would have no bearing on how often they do or do not occur.” Thank you.


Testarossa2013 t1_ixbs10x wrote

Laws aren't to stop crime. They're to allow prosecution for breaking said laws.

It's funny. The same Republicans who claim gun laws don't work also try to outlaw abortion because somehow that works.

And before you even start calling me a libtard or whatever derogatory teem you use these days, I'm a permit holder and gun owner. 😌


Justinontheinternet t1_ixbw10i wrote

Before you assume I’m republican and against abortion. I’m a independent and pro abortion. 😌

Just like I always tell people you like have more in common with your neighbor than we’re lead to believe. (Like you assuming I’m republican and against abortion just because I mention guns, it’s like the media regurgitated that thought for you)

“Laws aren't to stop crime. They're to allow prosecution for breaking said laws.”

If this is the truth then why are the only solutions being presented and passed are more gun laws? Especially the groups of people advocating for more gun laws and celebrating when they are passed? Especially fresh after each tragedy? Can’t they see by taking guns from the law abiding they are creating more victims?

The fastest growing group of gun owners are women and people are color. Why are people gladly advocating for creating more victims of those who have traditionally been victimized the most?

Usually laws are put in place to deter crime. Aka many “right” minded people don’t break the law out of fear of the repercussions. Not because they are afraid being prosecuted or the trial vs wasting away for years in our criminal justice system.

Meanwhile there are many criminals who break the law and do not give a fuck. It doesn’t bring bad the dead or make the crime “rewind” and not happen.


Justinontheinternet t1_ixbzq7s wrote

You can’t blame them, it part of their programming. Sadly most Americans believe what they see on TV or various forms of other media. Their assumption on my post has been on repeat in all forms of mass media since 1985.

Imagine playing word association with these folks.

Let’s do a thought exercise. Mass media projected

Guns-Republican, white, military assault weapons, middle aged balding, male, killers, evil, dangerous, MAGA, Domestic Terrorist, proud boys,oath keepers

This is what see because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to see.

Despite the reality being the below.

Guns- partisan , males females etc , young and old, multiracial, tools, fun, range time, home protection, shooting for sport, shooting to hunt and eat, conservationists, anti victim device.

Now what words do you hear most on mass media out of the two examples?

Basically, so many Americans can’t get past their primal urge to throw people into the “they, them”category. When that has been the premise to every atrocity committed by man. All in their name of a subjectively just cause.

The only way to stop this is to critically think. Which in today’s society if it takes more than 10 seconds or requires any actual effort, will be dismissed. Which is why I don’t expect this to change anytime soon.


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixc7cl8 wrote

And this is why we still have so many murders and kids being shot in elementary schools....

Your mindset is what's wrong with America....

But have your gun. Clearly you value it more than children. 🤦


PBall95 t1_ixc86pm wrote

I saw it in person last night at the new truck stop. I’m a trucker and they had blocked us from leaving for a little bit. Can’t confirm anything about an AR15 but a car drove through a guard rail into the truck stop itself and a female was arrested based on what I saw. At least 15 cop cars


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixc9ma4 wrote

Yeah it's not like any politicians out there put up second amendment sanctuaries or anything....

Face party loves guns. Just ask the family members of the children massacred in Uvalde....

But hey, your gun is more valuable right? 🤷‍♂️


Inthect t1_ixcbei7 wrote

Must have heard about the Eversource rate hike.


ijuanaspearfish t1_ixcgk9r wrote

I support gun rights but i do not consider myself a conservative.

Uvalde had more to do with lack of spine/effort than anything else, which to me hurt those kids more than the gunman.

All we here is the bad news when it comes to guns because thats what gets the clicks....

Its also a "perception" thing as well. Up here, its very rare to see open carry even thought it is 100% legal.

Why? Because most gun owners do not want others freaking out because the sight of a firearm in public is not something the public are used to seeing.

Meanwhile in many other states, I can go and regularly see people open carry and no one cares.

Why? Because they are used to it, they don't have as many negative associations with seeing a gun like we do in CT or the NE.

Ive been ok with guns my whole life, now my kids are also very responsible and comfortable with them too. But if I didnt educate and share that with my kids, chances are, they would be more fearful of guns.

A car can kill just as fast as a gun but you never hear about banning cars even though it causes more fatalities, especially with younger people.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixch4il wrote

Because before you ever defend your home with it, you're more likely to kill a family member or yourself with it. Like, exponentially more likely.

If you do ever defend your home with it, you're likely to punch rounds through your walls and then through the wall of the house next to you and through some little kids sleeping in their bed a half a block away.

Or you're likely to snap one day and then ambush a couple of cops.

What's wrong with the shotgun?

Trying to think of another home security option where "might occasionally kill family members by accident" is listed under the "pros." Can you think of any? I suppose if you had an alligator filled moat, someone could fall in and you might be like "well it's not a bug it's a feature."

Don't see many people with alligator filled moats though do you.


AlphaSlayer21 t1_ixcicxr wrote

They’re called frangible rounds. That’s the .223 you use for self defense, and that’s what I’ll grab every time. Know the rules of weapon safety and the layout of your home. Have fun clearing your house with a 26” barrel and 5 rounds of buckshot (that can definitely go through drywall by the way).


buried_lede t1_ixciknf wrote

The mental health rhetoric from NRA interests is an excuse now, and a prelude to exploitation later.

If there weren’t access to the most lethal guns and ammunition, people’s mental health would be theirs and their family’s concerns and certainly not organized around gun licensing, which it would be if that were policy.

Maybe the misplaced paranoia about gun rights is a form of mental illness. How would the NRA folks like to be pushed back on their heels fielding that accusation?

The medical profession has no obligation to the gun lobby

Private militias are illegal too, but look at all of them. Is that mental illness or politically motivated? Who will be categorized as what? I’m suspicious of every argument from the gun lobby since the NRA was radicalized, years ago


Omnibitent t1_ixciqfy wrote

Not arguing against your points, however I always get peeved when people bring up car deaths as a comparison. The purpose of a car is to get you from point A to point B quickly. The point of a gun is to kill. While yes you can kill just as easily with a car, that is not its main purpose. You can't say the same about a gun.


ijuanaspearfish t1_ixcjsho wrote

Doesnt matter what the intended purpose is.

Dead is dead.

The purpose is secondary to the result.

A gun can equally saves lives by taking one or more away in the case of a threat. Again, its about perception


ijuanaspearfish t1_ixck83v wrote

100% correct, I'd go even further with mandating more invasive background checks for people who want to own guns. Assuming it is done fairly and equally across all people.

Gun rights will always be an issue up here.


ijuanaspearfish t1_ixckw5w wrote

Im sure there are plenty of stories about private citizens stopping or preventing a much worse scenario by having a gun when it was needed.

But at the same time, if you were educated about guns, you would know that it is not advocated anyone play the hero.

At the end if the day, i sleep well knowing that in the event my family or myself is threatened I have the knowledge and tools to have a fighting chance rather than all those kids in Uvalde as well as they're parents.

As a father, i have that right so I am free to exercise it.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixclrcp wrote

>They’re called frangible rounds. That’s the .223 you use for self defense, and that’s what I’ll grab every time. Know the rules of weapon safety and the layout of your home.

Okay how about the rest of the post.....or do you only care about shooting your neighbors not family members.

>Have fun clearing your house with a 26” barrel and 5 rounds of buckshot (that can definitely go through drywall by the way).

You're larping around with some fantasy of home and self-defense, probably suffer from some lack of perceived control outside the home, when in reality you're probably just going to shoot one of those frangible rounds right into your spouse before you ever shoot an intruder.


ijuanaspearfish t1_ixcluwa wrote

Its the world we live in.

People are just scared of them, part of me understands but the other part just wants people to be more receptive of other opinions and views.

If I can do something to protect myself and my kids, what father wouldn't? Its life insurance I appendix carry.

Its also an activity I enjoy with my sons, going to the range, practicing our shooting and enjoying each others company. Just as much as going on hikes or my boat to fish.


Dirty-Glock t1_ixcnvrs wrote

Lol just another day in Hartford no big deal


TheSquatchMann t1_ixco5nx wrote

Yep, the comments section looked exactly as I expected it to.


AlphaSlayer21 t1_ixcph0v wrote

Bullets go through walls no matter what kind of firearm it is. It could be a .22 and it’s going through drywall. Just because I own an AR and that’s my go-to self defense weapon doesn’t mean I’m larping and delusional. It’s a personal choice, you want your shotgun for self defense and I want my AR. Enjoy your freedom of choice, but just because I own an AR doesn’t mean I’m more likely to shoot up a bunch of cops. I live alone so your argument to me is null and void about lighting up my make believe spouse. Fuck off and mind your own business when you don’t know what you’re talking about.


Holl0wayTape t1_ixcpl9s wrote

No, that's ridiculous, sorry. Even in your example the gun's intended use is to take a life. It doesn't matter if in doing so another life is being saved. The purpose of a gun is to use it to kill something.

You've made some other good points in your previous comments, but not in this one.


thekingofsecrets t1_ixcplvj wrote

I would say that argument doesn't really apply to police. In general the police will arrive too late to do anything about it. The good guy with a gun argument applies to someone who is concealed carrying and is able to respond with force to stop the situation. There have been multiple accounts just this year where a CCL holder stopped a shooting since they were on site and able to surprise the shooter.

Two notable accounts from this summer alone.


darkoblivion21 t1_ixcqo1a wrote

There's plenty of examples of gun restrictions working when implemented at a national level but they never want to acknowledge that. They just point to x state with strict laws and say it's not working ignoring the fact that the guns are coming from other states with lax laws.


TheRealBaseborn t1_ixcu5cs wrote

Last month I saw a car chase where the dude legit got away. Cops were pursuing down Flatbush Ave. Traffic was PACKED, and this black sedan goes flying by on the wrong side doing like 70mph and flies through the red managing to squeeze through the gap. Five seconds later I see the cop coming up, he turns into the walmart parking lot thinking the dude dipped into there. Witnessed a hit and run last month too. Always something going on there.


buried_lede t1_ixcuz0z wrote

And the time it would take because of sheer numbers - there are more guns than people here now - and how motivated they are to the extreme, which fosters homemade guns, ghost guns, 3D printed guns, criminal activity.

But ultimately, it works. Under Bloomberg, NY’s biggest gun problem were WVa’s lax gun laws and I-95


bultrey t1_ixcvmik wrote

What is the point of this post? Were you looking to share information so that people could be careful when driving around a specific area? Mission not accomplished. This is more useless than if you had posted nothing at all.


_343_Guilty_Spark__ t1_ixcw9ju wrote

You need to look no further than the usual 2A supporters on this sub.

Take u/theokayestname for example. Always, ALWAYS going on and on about gun laws. It’s 99% of their profile, and the people they interact with on gun subs are exactly the same. You even dare to mention the fact that mental issues or the borderline fetishization culture surrounding guns is part of the problem and what do you get? Insults and a block.

There’s NO pleasing 2A nuts, especially with today’s political climate. The problem will never be fixed until they can swallow their own pride and admit something needs to be done


itsmills420 t1_ixd1zxe wrote

I came for Eversource jokes, comments did not dissapoint


RareAlphaSigmaMale t1_ixd2yvn wrote

Just a patriot expressing their freedom to do what they want and drive how they please.


Accurate_Age2596 t1_ixd7a5z wrote

The dude robbed a package last night in Shelton and that’s what led on the chase after they found him in west haven. He also just got out for robbing a Milford restaurant almost 9 years ago


Lopsided_Cupcake_988 t1_ixdzab6 wrote

Maybe if you had the mental capacity to realize why people do mass killing. An evil person doesn’t care if guns are legal or not they’ll use anything they can like a car or knifes or even their fists it doesn’t matter. Our 2nd amendment gives us a chance against these people especially for older people who can’t win a physical fight they can rely on a firearm to protect them.


Justinontheinternet t1_ixe1vdu wrote

Exactly I was going to reply But you nailed it. Me: Hey guys we’re not so different, let critically think about this. This dude: you’re right we’re not so different. SO FUCK THOSE GUYS OVER THERE



ZebraRaptor t1_ixe7wv3 wrote

Not true. A firearm is used to stop the threat (when not talking about sport, hunting, or collecting). Does stopping the threat sometimes result in death? Absolutely. But it’s not “shoot to kill”. It’s “shoot to stop the threat”.

It’s an important distinction because even in a totally justified self defense scenario, if it’s found out you shot someone twice, and they surrendered, but then you decided to shoot more and it resulted in their death, you would be charged.


ZebraRaptor t1_ixe8mg1 wrote

Found the guy who didn’t even click on the article. One, it spans over several years, not every year had the same amount, and two, many cases go unreported. They only show cases that were verifiable through media or police reports.


-Gaunter-O-Dimm t1_ixe8rja wrote

Serious question, I’ve noticed lots of other users accusing you of blocking them for seemingly civil comments but you haven’t blocked this one user who I always see you having this weird autism beef with. What’s the story there?


B00ZE_TAN t1_ixea267 wrote

You’re right ,at the time I didn’t have to read it, I just think the huge difference between the two numbers is funny, because it is. The site you’ve given says they really have no idea, due to unreported incidents. Why wouldn’t you report a self defense shooting if you are a 100 percent legal?


[deleted] t1_ixebmma wrote

Can’t be an AR those are illegal


Holl0wayTape t1_ixebu20 wrote

True, but in the example written by the commenter I replied to, the gun is used to kill. The person said that if a life is taken it is fine because a life is saved.

Your comment doesn't have anything to do with the context of mine and the other commenter's comment.


Johnnie-1 t1_ixedt2a wrote

If he sold his gun he could've afforded the liquor, coke and hoes, think outside the box dude


bigbread2020 t1_ixef5pd wrote

If only they banned cars ! Thankfully California is in 2035


AdHistorical7107 t1_ixekclh wrote

See. I can't help it you don't know what a enabler is. I've said it twice before and you still have the same question? You can't figure out how enabling one to own a gun for mass murders makes you a danger to society? Well than, that says enough about you....


ZebraRaptor t1_ixexe5v wrote

I see where you’re coming from, but using a fire arm in self defense is not always involving the firearm being discharged. Most of the time just as soon as the defender brandishes the firearm it’s enough to scare off the predator/robber/assaulter/road rager etc.

So that’s where we struggle with the numbers. They were over several years able to pull data that could be backed up by media and police, but if the guy ran off, sometimes someone may not report it. Also pretty sure the self defense claims can be of livestock so if a mountain lion was threatening you or your livestock it’s also part of self defense using a firearm.

Never hurts to click an article, they often provide the context necessary to make judgement.


BustNutInWatrTowr t1_ixf6mp1 wrote

So glad to be leaving this shithole state before the end of the month.


IBEW3NY t1_ixfbt5g wrote

Ar-15's are illegal in CT. I’m assuming you’re spewing more liberal democrat lies, like our politicians!


thekingofsecrets t1_ixfe35a wrote

I would say you're referring to situations where there is no good guy with a gun. I've yet to read about a situation where a mass shooting devolves into a gun fight. There's either it ends immediately due to a CCL holder, or it goes on for 30 minutes until the cops show up. My take away from that is that it's a benefit to yourself and your personal safety if you seek out a CCL and training.


ZebraRaptor t1_ixfz24q wrote

I get what you’re saying now. I agree, taking a life is awful no matter what, and any human with any morals would struggle likely for the rest of their life with that. But at the end of the day, when it comes down to you and your family or the life of someone who is actively trying to take yours, you’re going to choose you and your family 100% of the time.

A good quote I once heard from someone who had to kill in self defense “I don’t regret that I did what I had to do, I regret that he put me into the situation where I had to take his life”.


Likeapuma24 t1_ixhf7nn wrote

The problem is that they're not prosecuting firearm crimes. Guy just got sentenced yesterday after attempting to rob a guy & pointing a gun at his head... 8 years. Can't figure out what "positive attributes" this guy could possibly have.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixhs7zc wrote

C'mon. Don't be obtuse.

I've personally explained anecdotal evidence to you like five times and I've seen other people do it many more.

Yet every day you still post the same sort of dummy arguments based on anecdotes.

That's a serious cognitive or social abnormality.