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LosT_WknD t1_ixur3d3 wrote

Fairfield County tree farms 11 months a year: ‘Hey look, weve made $0 income’. Cut them some slack, farming is not a lucrative business.


Shadhahvar t1_ixvect9 wrote

Tree farming also takes a super long time. It takes a decade for most trees to reach christmas tree height.


IsThatYourBed t1_ixuwoqa wrote

Jones farm, cut your own 8-9' for $92


pd9 t1_ixwspj0 wrote

Jones’ was a clown show today. Hour in traffic to learn they now require reservations (to do anything - cut your own or check out Christmas village). Without a reservation, trees were $10 more too. I get the need to try and accommodate for the traffic, but it’s just not worth it anymore.


ImpossibleParfait t1_ixx5va5 wrote

You're basically paying for the experience to go cut one down.


101011dotcom t1_ixxi9uh wrote

To be fair, you’re 100% correct. I lived across the street from a tree farm in Brooklyn, CT (side note, make a day trip out of it, some good farms up this way). They’re up against tree to sale places that source all the way up to Canada and plastic trees that are amazing with lights built in. The cut your own tree experience is what you’re paying for. They are NOT making the bank some folks think they are. They’re keeping the Christmas tradition alive. There must be a Hallmark film that explains this… maybe “fresh needles for Santa?”


ImpossibleParfait t1_ixxj84d wrote

It takes 8 to 12 years to grow what one would consider a Christmas tree.


101011dotcom t1_iy1zgrt wrote

Exactly, and yearly trimming not to mention keeping the trees clear of vines, mowing a few times a year and clearing other growth around them. Don’t forget land taxes and the time it takes to organize the cutting season with employees and food trucks. A cut tree at around $100 is a bargain.


Johnnybdrivesfast t1_ixwvi23 wrote

I played at Whitney Farms today. When I left I had to sit in 15 min of traffic, it was so bad


Jawaka99 t1_ixxdv04 wrote

Well as the OP said, you can always pay $30 more somewhere else.

Or better yet, but a fake tree once and use it every year.


Synergiance t1_ixxqgak wrote

At one point they were semi reasonable. It hasn’t been that way for a while now.


Draftscapes t1_ixyltw8 wrote

Jones is absolutely awful now. For both Xmas trees and pumpkins. Everything is a money grab and the reservation system is ridiculous. There are many better small farms in the general vicinity that offer similar experiences without the ridiculous expenses.


hugh-jaynus534 t1_iy1papg wrote

Lmao, and you even get to do most of the hard work for em.

Far as I know they don't let you bring battery powered saws which is bullshit imo. Wanted to bring a Sawzall from work and the fiancés parents talked me out of it. Said it "ruins" the experience. I was like you know what ruins the experience? Laying down on the ground in the rain and using one of their dull and bent hacksaws


Likeapuma24 t1_ixuxerl wrote

Find a local fire department that's selling them. I think they are like $35-40 & it really helps fund their agency.


DoctorMcAstronaut t1_ixvr8c0 wrote

I've always liked cutting our own. Holy shit they were expensive this year. It was 80 bucks plus 10 to bail it. They were 60 last year and bailed it for free. Still worth it with kids. I used to love doing it and my kids do too. Although I'm looking in the back yard and we have some nice looking pines coming up for the next couple years.


mnmntbjj t1_ixyjkk8 wrote

That was like 10 years ago unfortunately


Likeapuma24 t1_ixzd413 wrote

You're correct! Just saw a posting from the local FD & they're $65. Whew. We've rocked a fake tree for the past years, so I didn't realize prices had gone up so much!


EverybodyWangChung52 t1_ixv5xwu wrote

Bought two fake trees and you know what, I’ll never go back.


LucasRaymondGOAT t1_ixwg75f wrote

And that’s fine. If people wanna buy a real tree, or fake tree, who gives a shit.

The only thing I make a stink about is the people that buy a lot of artificial trees in a short time span and throw them out. They’re horrible for the environment as far as recycling goes.


kittytittymeowmeow t1_ixx2xm3 wrote

Anyone throwing away an artificial one should SERIOUSLY consider donating them. SO many families can't afford to get a tree every year.


timmahfast t1_ixulwu8 wrote

If you don't like paying for it go buy a fake tree from a multi billion dollar corporation


phunky_1 t1_ixuqrok wrote

I finally caved and got a fake one this year.

Last year was terrible, most of the trees were almost dead because of drought.

I am sure this year is even worse.


timmahfast t1_ixur1fw wrote

The fake ones are really much safer. If you've ever seen a real one catch on fire and how quick it goes up in flames, it's terrifying.


phunky_1 t1_ixur4l3 wrote

I will miss burning it in the fire pit in the summer.

Flames shoot up like 10 feet lol


jay_sugman t1_ixuu8o8 wrote

Depends on if it's watered and alive or dried out and dropping needles.


mynameisnotshamus t1_ixuxfox wrote

Didn’t we get a lot of rain last year?


Gil_V t1_ixv0lwj wrote

Man, you gotta keep up. Huge drought all summer, drenching in mid-fall got us almost back to normal.

But by the time the rains came, the damage was already done.

Edit - wrong year. I’m an idiot.


mynameisnotshamus t1_ixv12oz wrote

This year. Last year- we had a rainy summer. July set records.


Gil_V t1_ixv1bnj wrote

Hm. My oversight, sorry.

What year of it’s life does a drought most affect the growth of a tree planned for 2022 Xmas season?


mynameisnotshamus t1_ixv1or6 wrote

I responded to a post that said last year was terrible. That would be 2021.


phunky_1 t1_ixwvqm2 wrote

That was the farms excuse.

Probably 70% of the trees had a big chunk of the branches that were brown or no needles at all.

It took us an hour or two to finally find a decent tree that looked like it would last until Christmas.


FarmhouseFan t1_ixv0guw wrote

I'm sorry you're being downvoted. You're right. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy a tree.


timmahfast t1_ixv0tyr wrote

It's okay. I just think that if these people want trees that could take up to 10 years to grow, for only 60 bucks, they should start their own farm. It's tough running a small business these days.


TheDudeMaintains t1_ixyhone wrote

10 years, during which the tree itself, its immediate surroundings, and its entire extended physical and logistical support system must be attended to and taken care of dutifully by human workers.


ProInvestCK t1_ixwvfhs wrote

This is the smart way, even if you do like real trees. Get a real nice one for 300-500. Yeah it’s a lot but it’ll last 10+ years, much safer, cleaner. While the other shleps are stuck driving their tree home on the Merritt or Rt 136, you can be out fly fishing or doing what you do.


Vness374 t1_ixuryyu wrote

I haven’t been since I moved from Litchfield county to Fairfield county, but we used to make a day of going to Angevine Farms and cut down our own tree. Such wonderful memories with the kids. Not sure what they cost these days, but 8 years ago a full-size tree (8 ft ish) was $45. And you’re supporting a local family. They have cute ornaments and hot cider in the little gift shop, too


DanHassler0 t1_ixv04y7 wrote

Angevine "sold out" of trees before the season even started.


linze21 t1_ixwiw3t wrote

They weren't sold out. They started a reservation system last year or the year before to cut down on crowds, tailgating, and to help with tree numbers. Weather and other factors have led to a shortage of trees. They want to keep providing trees in the years to come. $20 to book a reservation that then gets put towards your $60 tree. Just was there today. It was lovely.


BDMayhem t1_ixwew3n wrote

They booked all their reservations in 45 minutes.


DoctorMcAstronaut t1_ixvrlk0 wrote

That was about what we were paying in lithchfield county 8 years ago. It went 40 - 50 - 60 stayed, there for a couple years and this year I was like "80 + $10 to bail it. Fuck." Still worth it. Go with a couple families on a nice day and it's like tailgating at a football game. Spend a couple hours and let the kids run around.


Vness374 t1_ixvtjyh wrote

We really used to have a blast walking around and picking out a tree. The first year I did it as a single mom, I got my van stuck in the mud. I told my then 14 yo to get behind the wheel while I pushed (he had never driven before). I explained to him to push down SLOWLY AND GENTLY on the gas. He didn’t listen and COVERED me in mud. It was hysterical and he loves telling the story to this day. I miss that place!


PublicPolicyAdvocate t1_ixv6ttg wrote

That cost reflects the value of the land out there in Fairfield County;

some developer would pay HANDSOMELY to slap condos where that tree farm is, and the taxes and general cost of doing business reflects that.


DanHassler0 t1_ixwm46k wrote

Aren't many of these farms, including Jones on permanent agricultural land. As in they can never be developed. Plus I believe farms are typically taxed less than other land uses.


Izenthyr t1_ixvfyz2 wrote

We got ours last year for $50 in Woodstock. Fullest tree we’ve had in a while, and it took us 5 minutes after arriving to decide on it.


Vivian326619 t1_ixxerpm wrote

I've had the same fake tree for 20+ years, I bought it for $25. Is it dusty? Yes. Is it ugly?- Definitely. Do I cover every branch in lights, tacky ornaments and garland? 100% yes. Does everyone who sees it comment- "Nice tree"? Yes. 😂😂😂


Draftscapes t1_ixym5iz wrote

This is an underrated comment and what Christmas is all about.


spmahn t1_ixw2kqx wrote

I imagine given all the drought we had this summer it might a rough year for Christmas Trees


WhatIsNoMan t1_ixw0cuj wrote

I was at Dzen's in South Windsor today. $85 cash, $90 credit. And they are seriously low on tree stock.


scupking83 t1_ixwxu4g wrote

We went Wednesday after the kids got out of school. Noticed the price increase this year and the lack of trees. Still got a good one and beat the weekend crowd!


mike02vr6 t1_ixx9udm wrote

Filanowski Farms in Milford. They come precut but Always have the best selection


dome-man t1_ixutohr wrote

Love fake prelit pencil trees.


angeldeb82 t1_ixuwy86 wrote

Nice scene from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"! :)


GoPikachuGo1 t1_ixv72yb wrote

I just cut one down in my neighbors yard


ahrgees t1_ixwyt2y wrote

Scott tree farm, route 6, Andover. Cut your own, no crowds. Nice drive to the country...


jack17592735 t1_ixx3suz wrote

Stew Leonard’s is like 50-60 and minimal effort


Ziggy1433 t1_ixuqdgr wrote

And you need to make an appointment.


Acceptable_Band_9400 t1_ixv87j6 wrote

I guess I'll just paint one on the wall and go and eat worms, lol.


[deleted] t1_ixv8nzn wrote

If you have a decent wooded lot. You can always just go buy an axe from Home Depot and do it yourself. It’s what I’d do.


Semantix t1_ixve9y2 wrote

Bummed the RWA tree sale isn't happening this year, we got a mega tree last year for like $25


whateverusayboi t1_ixw8c8f wrote

$25 in Plymouth. E.Church rd off 72. I prefer mine live in the backyard, using birds as live ornaments.


kittytittymeowmeow t1_ixx2sez wrote

There's a place in Suffield - all trees are $70 I think.


belladonna133 t1_ixxfob9 wrote

That’s why I went to BJ’s and got an artificial tree.


tssparky t1_ixyml20 wrote

I cut my own tree for a few years, then realize that the experience is overrated. I just go right down to a big box store and get a live tree for a little less money and a lot less headache.


pepesilvia9369 t1_ixyukdk wrote

Maple Row in Easton isn’t too not and neither is the farm off Saw Mill Road in Shelton that at this moment the name escapes me.


Big-Pond t1_ixz0gm0 wrote

Drive an hour and pay $8’.


Justinontheinternet t1_ixw4lrl wrote

$90+ bucks to cut your own tree where you do al the workd lmao. What’s that $100 a sqft? Owning a christmas tree farm sounds insanely profitable


han7nah t1_ixw9i9f wrote

All you need is a little fake tree on the table with a few ornaments, a few other decorations, and two or three small gifts for each person who will be there for Christmas. Plus you have to serve an awesome meal if they will be there at dinner time. Still, whoever is spending over $100 on a tree is spending too much overall for Christmas.