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IsThatYourBed t1_ixuwoqa wrote

Jones farm, cut your own 8-9' for $92


pd9 t1_ixwspj0 wrote

Jones’ was a clown show today. Hour in traffic to learn they now require reservations (to do anything - cut your own or check out Christmas village). Without a reservation, trees were $10 more too. I get the need to try and accommodate for the traffic, but it’s just not worth it anymore.


ImpossibleParfait t1_ixx5va5 wrote

You're basically paying for the experience to go cut one down.


101011dotcom t1_ixxi9uh wrote

To be fair, you’re 100% correct. I lived across the street from a tree farm in Brooklyn, CT (side note, make a day trip out of it, some good farms up this way). They’re up against tree to sale places that source all the way up to Canada and plastic trees that are amazing with lights built in. The cut your own tree experience is what you’re paying for. They are NOT making the bank some folks think they are. They’re keeping the Christmas tradition alive. There must be a Hallmark film that explains this… maybe “fresh needles for Santa?”


ImpossibleParfait t1_ixxj84d wrote

It takes 8 to 12 years to grow what one would consider a Christmas tree.


101011dotcom t1_iy1zgrt wrote

Exactly, and yearly trimming not to mention keeping the trees clear of vines, mowing a few times a year and clearing other growth around them. Don’t forget land taxes and the time it takes to organize the cutting season with employees and food trucks. A cut tree at around $100 is a bargain.


Johnnybdrivesfast t1_ixwvi23 wrote

I played at Whitney Farms today. When I left I had to sit in 15 min of traffic, it was so bad


Jawaka99 t1_ixxdv04 wrote

Well as the OP said, you can always pay $30 more somewhere else.

Or better yet, but a fake tree once and use it every year.


Synergiance t1_ixxqgak wrote

At one point they were semi reasonable. It hasn’t been that way for a while now.


Draftscapes t1_ixyltw8 wrote

Jones is absolutely awful now. For both Xmas trees and pumpkins. Everything is a money grab and the reservation system is ridiculous. There are many better small farms in the general vicinity that offer similar experiences without the ridiculous expenses.


hugh-jaynus534 t1_iy1papg wrote

Lmao, and you even get to do most of the hard work for em.

Far as I know they don't let you bring battery powered saws which is bullshit imo. Wanted to bring a Sawzall from work and the fiancés parents talked me out of it. Said it "ruins" the experience. I was like you know what ruins the experience? Laying down on the ground in the rain and using one of their dull and bent hacksaws