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beckster t1_iyb2xej wrote

Just read of it here - your thoughts? Is this all OC stuff?


Ciro_DiMarzio76 OP t1_iyb83hz wrote

It seems like the shooting was part of larger conflict between motorcycle clubs but I only know what I read. I feel bad for the guy who was murdered. He seemed like a decent, hard-working guy and both he and his friend were unarmed.


MoeLittle t1_iybjdnu wrote

Decent, hard-working, possible member of Hell’s Angels?


beckster t1_iycfpil wrote

On one level they could be termed a "business organization." More like organized crime, based on the little I know.

I saw a huge group of Pagans riding on 84 one Sunday - wondered what was on their addenda and how active the clubs are in the area.