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beckster t1_iyb2xej wrote

Just read of it here - your thoughts? Is this all OC stuff?


Ciro_DiMarzio76 OP t1_iyb83hz wrote

It seems like the shooting was part of larger conflict between motorcycle clubs but I only know what I read. I feel bad for the guy who was murdered. He seemed like a decent, hard-working guy and both he and his friend were unarmed.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_iyba5ly wrote

>Miller said Wines describes in detail “at least ten other people affiliated with the ‘Ruthless for Life’ motorcycle club that would be motivated to commit this crime in order to join the ‘Mongols’ motorcycle club

That's the gang that was busted last summer running a regional drug trafficking operation, which many, many members of this sub idiotically described as a compassionate cannabis swap meet and a public service. Fucking idiots.


beckster t1_iycfpil wrote

On one level they could be termed a "business organization." More like organized crime, based on the little I know.

I saw a huge group of Pagans riding on 84 one Sunday - wondered what was on their addenda and how active the clubs are in the area.