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Kolzig33189 t1_iyay8is wrote

On a Sunday at noon…so you’re protesting in front of a nearly empty building minus cleaning crew and/or security staff.

Clearly will be very effective.


Squadbeezy t1_iybg43e wrote

Protesting is more of a media publicity thing, so if the media there, it’s worth it.

Maybe more people can come on a Sunday at noon? If so, then great.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycc3ml wrote

Pretty much. We’ve protested at homes of state lawmakers too but don’t invite media.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycmrp9 wrote

I’m not using my PTO and wouldn’t expect anyone to do so either. The media publicity should get things rolling.


[deleted] t1_iyd4dvv wrote



Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iyd8lzb wrote

I’m saying I use enough PTO for this and refuse to give up holidays with my kids. It’s the end of the year and a new bucket starts in a few weeks. If you want to plan one during the week, I’m happy to repost it for you.


Kodiak01 t1_iycl0do wrote

They are always held either then, or around 1pm on a Tuesday when anyone that actually has a financial interest is at work.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycbz2r wrote

It’s been effective before.


Kolzig33189 t1_iycfd4j wrote

Has it? I see no change in behavior or protocol from eversource, PURA, or the bought and paid for politicians. So how has it been effective in the past?

One could even say they’ve gotten worse and more brazen in their disregard with PURA coming out and saying their reviews of eversource price hikes are administrative and they have no actual power.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycmkx3 wrote

This is the first step. This is not the entire action.


UnfairAd7220 t1_iydbuae wrote

LOL! I was one of the 40,000 disgruntled CT Yankees that protested Wiecker's income tax.

Lotta damn good that did. So, no.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iydcdvd wrote

You were doing God’s work at the time. I think I remember a song about a run in Weicker or Rowland had with a reindeer as a child. 🤔


redditor1101 t1_iyayhig wrote

Antitrust laws don't apply to utilities.


buried_lede t1_iyb0cvl wrote

Gotta get the timing and demands right, but kudos for getting things going!

Hearings will be coming up. Might be better time.

We need a list of bidders that submit to Eversource and to Avantgrid and to the cooperatives/ municipals. Might not show the bids, but will show the mix of companies - which ones are bidding at Eversource but not at Avangrid, etc We need to drill down on these suppliers too.

I’ll try to find that


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycc5up wrote

Looking to take the Eversource caucus out of office. If you know someone running, let them make noise.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iyaub1e wrote

NAG website: NAG- Other groups are GTA860 and Powerup CT


buried_lede t1_iyb11rf wrote

So this is already up and running? Ok. Well have to go for it then, but they might want to take out the antitrust thing, it doesn’t apply. Maybe something about breaking up Eversource ( so coops and munis can run things) but antitrust doesn’t apply. -


GoogleBabeler t1_iyck7jn wrote

Am I the only one that finds it funny to see a group called NAG host a protest?


BF1shY t1_iybbz95 wrote

lol MA we just took our hikes up the ass. Good to see CT fighting them.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycc0i0 wrote

They hit you guys with a 20% hike. We are getting it worse. Y’all should organize too.


Strive-- t1_iyd07tt wrote

Hey, solar sales people. I know a great place where you can talk to some prospective clients....


momthebuildah t1_iyd0eod wrote

Im glad someone is organizing. In Rhode island a 40% increase was approved.


[deleted] t1_iyd43q5 wrote



Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iyd94kc wrote

Except NAG is a group that’s been around for years and this isn’t dedicated to just rising energy costs. You’re welcome to use it.


_JayC114 t1_iydr2ri wrote

They have the Politicians in their pockets!!!


Sayoria t1_iybehlh wrote

But congress needs to insulate their pockets. Think about the congress!


andredeuce t1_iyeepwc wrote

Lol wasting your time. I’m moving out of state. Eversource is just legal extortion.


SaviourMK2 t1_iye7k5x wrote

I can't promise to attend but if I don't you have my support


KindRevolution80 t1_iybasq2 wrote

Hm, same folks protesting rate hikes strangled hydrogen fuel cell energy in CT which led to...rate hikes. You can't have both "green" energy and cheap energy. Pick one.


Myotherside t1_iycju2k wrote

How does this get upvotes? “Green” hydrogen is a scam promoted by fossil fuel interests


[deleted] t1_iyd4oq8 wrote



UnfairAd7220 t1_iydc9mq wrote

Yes. H2 is even more stupid than corn ethanol for fuel oxygenate.

Politicians have discovered they can create whole new constituencies by buying the votes of corn farmers and wind mill developers and solar panel installers by making access to things like nuclear and natural gas 'hard' or even 'impossible.'


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycbxzs wrote

Build it outside of our cities. We have enough pollution. Farmington can take the plant.


Warpedme t1_iycpvlw wrote

Honestly, there's enough mercury contamination from old hat factories in Bridgeport and Danbury that it could be built in any of the vacant contaminated lots and abandoned contaminated buildings. There's absolutely no need to put a power generation facility on clean ground.


Old_Army90 t1_iycpmhq wrote

NIMBYism truly is a bipartisan cause and not in a good way.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycpqci wrote

Yeah. We get all the factories, plants and pollution in the city. Of course another plant was going to be blocked.


UnfairAd7220 t1_iydbj7g wrote

LOL! WHY? Their prices reflect their COSTS and PUC approved profit.

What do you expect them to do? Sell you power for less than it costs?!?

They aren't a monopoly. They're a state regulated utility.

What you should be complaining about is 'why are costs so high?'

EVERY single reason is a democrat failure. If it's any consolation, this has been coming for a decade. Silly you for not being aware enough to figure it out.

Here's an option: Cork the Iroquois line feeding Long Island and use that gas in CT, specifically, Mystic.

Let NY figure it out. Those fucks are why we (all of New England) don't have access to plentiful and cheap natural gas.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iydbsnb wrote

Biden should already repeal the Jones act in New England and that’s no secret. However, it’s time to put a stop to rubber stamping rate increases.


UnfairAd7220 t1_iyein1q wrote

Not just for NE. For PR, the USVI, HI and AK, along with the Marianas

It's a law. He can't just wave it away.

Those price increases are driven by the cost they have to pay. What are they going to do? Provide you power for less than they pay?


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iyeuj98 wrote

Agreed with all, I’m glad you mentioned all of them but that’s a different fight for another day.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iyeulxx wrote

But he can exempt New England and I believe it would help.


No_Chest3834 t1_iycmho4 wrote

We were told by Lou rinaldi/ctmmpdata/gykoru to not trust you. Why is that? I won’t show for that reason


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycmnrh wrote

Thank God. One less person security has to remove.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycne2z wrote

Side note, you know you’re not welcome at our events cause you were deemed a safety risk when you threatened women during cannabis events.


No_Chest3834 t1_iycojzh wrote

Me? I didn’t threaten anyone. You make up a lot things. Stop that, it’s not healthy


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycoml4 wrote

Don’t make me go to twitter and start posting screenshots.


No_Chest3834 t1_iycou9j wrote

Please do. I’m not Lou, didn’t threaten anyone, and you know that. Stop it, while your ahead 🤣


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycoyup wrote


No_Chest3834 t1_iycpg10 wrote

Wow I argued with him. That a threat to u? No? Are u a liar? YES!! 🤣


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycpmnh wrote

When you threatened us protesting at the capital. So he’s a snitch but you trust him. Make it make sense. This is why we just had an event and you weren’t invited.


No_Chest3834 t1_iycpt7m wrote

Who’s me? I’m all over fb, if, twitter. Tell me who i am


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycqjlw wrote

I’m gonna give you promo? This is why you don’t get invited to events anymore.


No_Chest3834 t1_iycralb wrote

I actually was invited in a FB group. I just won’t show up. I’ve never shown up to protest, ever and never will. You have no idea who this is 🤣


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycrhpk wrote

And what’s the name of my canna group? Asking cause we both know you lie.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycrpaq wrote

Side note, thank you for bumping the post.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycotoa wrote


No_Chest3834 t1_iycp2vz wrote

Wow a screenshot! That’s good and it will show that I called him a snitch and used ur twitter and ig to prove that. Now, where did I threaten a woman or are you a liar? I’m gonna guess LIAR


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycp7nc wrote

You know they’re in Christina’s inbox and mine. You need to make friends.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycpdkw wrote

I’m just gonna keep responding to bump the post. I’m probably your entire life right now.


No_Chest3834 t1_iycpnd4 wrote

Nope, your just pathetic wanting to be a TRAP QUEEN 😂


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycqh4g wrote

And I changed state law to do it. My google search results prove it 🫡