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KindRevolution80 t1_iybasq2 wrote

Hm, same folks protesting rate hikes strangled hydrogen fuel cell energy in CT which led to...rate hikes. You can't have both "green" energy and cheap energy. Pick one.


Myotherside t1_iycju2k wrote

How does this get upvotes? “Green” hydrogen is a scam promoted by fossil fuel interests


[deleted] t1_iyd4oq8 wrote



UnfairAd7220 t1_iydc9mq wrote

Yes. H2 is even more stupid than corn ethanol for fuel oxygenate.

Politicians have discovered they can create whole new constituencies by buying the votes of corn farmers and wind mill developers and solar panel installers by making access to things like nuclear and natural gas 'hard' or even 'impossible.'


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycbxzs wrote

Build it outside of our cities. We have enough pollution. Farmington can take the plant.


Warpedme t1_iycpvlw wrote

Honestly, there's enough mercury contamination from old hat factories in Bridgeport and Danbury that it could be built in any of the vacant contaminated lots and abandoned contaminated buildings. There's absolutely no need to put a power generation facility on clean ground.


Old_Army90 t1_iycpmhq wrote

NIMBYism truly is a bipartisan cause and not in a good way.


Lilcoqui17 OP t1_iycpqci wrote

Yeah. We get all the factories, plants and pollution in the city. Of course another plant was going to be blocked.