Submitted by jessiyjazzy123 t3_z94axm in Connecticut

So, I newly live in Southington and have never taken the train into the city from Connecticut before. What would be the best/easiest/cheapest way for me to get into the city by train this weekend? I have been there several times, just not from here. Thanks in advance for your help!



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i8chillywilly t1_iyez2xl wrote

Metro North will be a lot less than Amtrak. It goes into Grand Central.

Download the app. It has the schedules and you buy the tickets on the app.


Max1035 t1_iyfc2ls wrote

Just to add: Not only is metro north cheaper, there is way more flexibility in schedule. More trains per hour, and you don’t have to buy the ticket in advance, so you are not locked into a certain schedule. If you aren’t ready to leave at 7pm, just take the 8pm instead, etc.

I usually drive to Milford and take the train from there (there is free parking on the weekends). I don’t know anything about the Hartford line because I’m not up there, but it sounds like a reasonable option. I only take Amtrak when I am going to the airport (Newark or Boston)- for that, it is a lot easier than navigating the commuter trains.


Lilcoqui17 t1_iyf0cis wrote



D_Squiz t1_iyf2jzh wrote

This is the answer. Please don’t take Amtrak for areas covered by Metro North. It’s great to go to Boston or DC but not when you have a commuter train into NYC.

It’s either Hartford Line into New Haven or West Haven direct to NYC.


i8chillywilly t1_iyfdvsb wrote

Just to add there are station in almost every CT from New Haven to NY.
No need to make a reservation. Trains almost every hour both ways.
Lots of pay parking or if off hours free parking.


D_Squiz t1_iyf0sf2 wrote

I don’t know why some people are recommending Amtrak, it’s much more expensive and for distances not covered by commuter rail.

You can take the Hartford Line to New Haven from Meriden then switch train in New Haven to go straight to Grand Central. Or if you don’t want to switch trains drive to West Haven (free weekend parking, New Haven garages are pricey). Metro North trains are fantastic, electric, and reasonably cheap. You can get tickets on the MTA Traintime app or a kiosk in the station (weekdays are off peak and much cheaper).

Google or Apple Maps can help you plan (switch to transit and put in the station address) or or


CTRealtorCarl t1_iyf5ade wrote

This. Amtrak is so expensive, to save what 15 minutes? Take metro north. West Haven and Milford are both good options.


Planes-On-End t1_iyf67jy wrote

My kid would be glad to have the extra 15 mins. Actually, so will I (:


WonderChopstix t1_iyf9k06 wrote

First...I agree. Metro North is way to go.

But...for the others...My advice with Amtrak is it is only good if you are coming from Hartford or New Haven in the morning only. Hartford line does not connect well with metro North. It's super annoying

If you buy in advance (by at least a week) the ticket has been 20 to 30 bucks for the direct one in the morning that arrives before 10am. The cost is only a few bucks more than peak train and way more comfortable especially in early morning. The afternoon trains for amtrak are a mess always... especially northbound. Delays of hours are super common. Not worth the risk just hop on the mtn.

Edit to clarify the physical connection is easy but there is often a wait time of 20 to 50 minutes. Only reason i mention but still good option considering parking in New Haven is expensive


STODracula t1_iyf3czl wrote

As someone who lives in your town and long ago used to do Waterbury->Grand Central->Poughkeepsie several times and have lived in several train station towns (Waterbury/Shelton/Bridgeport/Poughkeepsie), do yourself a favor and drive down to Bridgeport or Samford and take the train from there. Will save you a lot of time.


Malkor t1_iyfaecq wrote

Also the Bridgeport station is well populated and safe even late into the night...


B6304T4 t1_iyf3k5r wrote

You could drive to New haven and take the train from there or drive to Berlin and take ct rail down to NH and hop mta from there


Joansz t1_iyf3bmq wrote

I live in Cheshire, just one town over from Southington, so my choice is New Haven--metro north of course. If you don't have to be there at any specific time, see if you can get off peak prices. If you ever have to fly out of Newark, you can take Amtrak directly there from New Haven.


BigFatMark t1_iyfd6px wrote

Here's how you really do it.

  1. Go to New Haven and buy a pizza from Pepe's, Modern or Sally's.

  2. Eat the whole pizza in one sitting, burning the roof of your mouth and feeling no regrets.

  3. Wander "Pizza Drunk" through the city and the outskirts, until you reach Metro North. (BONUS: No parking fee.)

  4. Think "I wonder if NYC pizza is as good as Connecticut..." then spend $35 on a roundtrip ticket to Grand Central, grab a slice from Sbarro and a Dunkin Coffee.

  5. Slip onto the train with your hood up and headphones on, not acknowledging a single human being who passes by you. (Put your ticket in the seat so you don't have to look them in the eye!)

Congratulations, you have taken the path of the CT Rat to NYC. Enjoy your stay and remember what trees look like.


CarlBrault t1_iyf5etd wrote

I drive to the Katonah station, park for free, pretty easy in and out.


mkt853 t1_iyf67af wrote

Drive west to Brewster, first town on 84 over the state line, and take the Harlem line from there, or drive down to one of the shoreline train stations and take the New Haven line.


Curious_Regular_3201 t1_iyf54rh wrote

Waterbury to Bridgeport transfer at Bridgeport to the grand central line.


Special_North1535 t1_iyf97px wrote

Metro north express to grand central from northern white plains


hpanna47 t1_iyeyh17 wrote

Amtrak is easiest and fastest as jjma14 mentioned but more expensive unless you book weeks ahead.

You can catch the CT rail train from Meriden or Berlin to Union Station in New Haven and take the metro north into Grand Central.


jessiyjazzy123 OP t1_iyeypsu wrote

So, is it like booking a plane ticket where the sooner you book it the cheaper it is? Again, I'm new to this and would like to frequently travel there.


hpanna47 t1_iyez175 wrote

For metro north and CT rail you don't need to book in advance. Price will be the same as long as you don't buy the ticket on the train. You can use the station kiosks or buy it on the phone app. The CTrail etix app lets you buy both ct rail and metro north tickets

For amtrak, yes. The earlier you book, the cheaper it is.


roadpupp t1_iyezgo5 wrote

Amtrak is cheaper further out. Driving to New Haven is how I would do it. Many options on Metro North to Grand Central or Amtrak to Penn Station. Metro North is cheapest and most frequent. Amtrak is quieter, cleaner and a bit faster. It really depends on where you’re going because Grand Central and Penn Station are on opposite sides of Midtown.


jessiyjazzy123 OP t1_iyf0fzm wrote

Thanks! Not at all opposed to driving to the most cost efficient station. I actually use the New Haven Airport to fly back to NC because they have the best (most cost efficient) flights to my hometown. If driving about 30 minutes cuts it dramatically, I'm in!


jessiyjazzy123 OP t1_iyf0mi6 wrote

From NC, I used to park in jersey city and take the train to NYC to minimize costs.


jjma14 t1_iyexlyg wrote

I'm in Bristol, and I usually take Amtrak out of either Berlin or New Haven, depending on the schedules and the pricing.


jessiyjazzy123 OP t1_iyeyett wrote

Thanks! That's what it was looking like but the train schedules, times and lines were a little overwhelming.