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ovrhere_ t1_ixzexcy wrote

> illegally striking an officer with a motor vehicle

Is there a legal way?


BobbyRobertson t1_ixzh8fd wrote

Yes but how many cops have a 'getting run over by a car' kink?


kingwi11 t1_ixzumyr wrote

About 40%


GoPikachuGo1 t1_ixzqunx wrote

Barber: What kind of haircut you want?

This mope: Gimme' that Sideshow Bob look.

Barber: Say no more fam.


swampyankee22 t1_ixzvrv2 wrote

Uh oh, another honeypot for people who can't deal with ambiguity!

Remember folks, two things can be true at the same time:

  1. "Dragging" is phony police talk for "the cop grabbed the door handle when the guy started to flee." They always make it sound worse than it is!

  2. The suspect is (allegedly) an illegal drag racer who endangers the lives of all around him, and then tries to avoid accountability. He is the one in the wrong!

Internet echo chambers make people slaves of polarization. If you can interpret multiple angles, then congratulations! You are in the majority and you improve the quality of the body politic.


Darondo t1_iy0qu1m wrote

A shitty modded sedan nearly t-boned my fiancée and I as we were approaching an intersection with a solidly green light in Winsted last night. Fucker blew a red without even slowing down. Thank goodness were were vigilant enough to see it coming and slam the brakes. The douchebag he was racing came to a screeching halt as well.

Fuck people that race on public roads. Give them all harsh sentences. Anyone who does that is a selfish, garbage human, and it’s a matter of time til they murder someone.

Grateful the cops did something about this racer in the article.


slipperyrock4 t1_iy0cmwl wrote

Nuanced takes are illegal on the internet. Everything in life is objectively good or bad with nothing in between. Oh an there has to be a good guy and a bad guy in every story. It’s too confusing otherwise.


Tonydildos t1_iy1i0ur wrote

Not really sure what you’re trying to say here. Cops didn’t write this article. Someone from whio (literally never heard of this news group) did.

Street racing is bad and cops are too a lot of the time, but if someone grabs your door and you keep driving, cop or not, you’re probably not a good person.


Nyrfan2017 t1_ixzstcx wrote

Love all the posts bashing cop for holding door instead of bashing the ass hat that was fleeing … just keep victimizing the people breaking the law .


NaDuLaNDo t1_iy11x4s wrote

Because this is the land of internet warriors.


Dorkknight112183 t1_iy1msfe wrote

Your talking mighty dangerously for Reddit my friend. Tread lightly, they don’t take kindly to “common sense” talk.


This_River t1_iy1pl8d wrote

The liberal bot echo chamber is a force to be reckoned with.


TreeEleben t1_ixzwf84 wrote

They're both incredibly stupid. One should be in handcuffs, the other in an unemployment line.


imightbemichael t1_iy0dvf2 wrote

The cop should be in an UNEMPLOYMENT LINE for holding onto the handle for a split second too long? Lmfao I’m gonna leave you to think about that whole line of reasoning


SSoviet_Slayer t1_iy36d0s wrote

If it wasn’t long enough then don’t say the kid dragged you on the report


Knineteen t1_ixz8raa wrote

Misunderstood youth. Right?


ovrhere_ t1_ixzfe1h wrote

What are you saying here? Is somebody making this argument?


osrs_kwanoo t1_ixztb5f wrote

The argument has been made in the past for other incidents, and this person is joking a similar argument will be made for this one.


ovrhere_ t1_iy0iq4e wrote

I guess those other incidents are what I'm asking about. Who's making this argument? It seems like kind of a strawman for people who point to social conditions as a reason for crime.


SomaCityWard t1_iy175on wrote

Knineteen is the resident right wing troll. His dogwhistles aren't very subtle.


AhbabaOooMaoMao t1_ixziwh5 wrote

For anyone who was born yesterday "dragging" is cop talk for "holding on to a moving vehicle."

>Troopers then grabbed ahold of the driver’s side door handle and again instructed the accused to stop. The accused then accelerated, dragging the trooper for a short distance, before attempting to exit the lot.


kingwi11 t1_ixzuzxn wrote

Why wouldn't the officer let go of the door once the car started moving. That seems really unsafe


laceyourbootsup t1_iy0l7s5 wrote

Dragging is a term that the media is using for you to click on the article. The police officer let go. The criminal is under arrest for violating motor vehicle racing requirements, reckless driving, disobeying the signal of an officer, engaging police in pursuit, illegally striking an officer with a motor vehicle, illegal racing on a highway, interfering with officer/resisting arrest, second-degree breach of peace and second-degree reckless endangerment


Kel4597 t1_iy15idq wrote

Imagine, for a moment, the car is stopped and you grab the door handle. The guy accelerates. Instinctively, when things we’re holding onto try to get away from us, we tighten our grip as a reflect, not a conscious decision.

Cop probably reflexively tightened his grip and then let go shortly after.

Not that literally any of that matters. It’s not like this was the ONLY charge this guy is getting and the sole reason he was arrested.


Tonydildos t1_iy1i8bf wrote

Probably thought the guy would eventually stop. So the options are let go now and break a bunch of bones or hold on and maybe I’ll be ok lol


draftcrunk t1_ixzxtqp wrote

When power tripping goes wrong …

They are not known for their intelligence.


haystackofneedles t1_iy0dzbd wrote

He's a police officer... they're not known for their extensive schooling and common sense


tdigren t1_iy0kram wrote

That’s incredibly inaccurate.


Rhyxnathotho t1_iy0wpnb wrote

> A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city.


Big_Dinner3636 t1_iy1jgpe wrote

A 22 year old article about one department and your own source says officers have an above average IQ. Great citing.


tdigren t1_iy0yvbn wrote

I really like that 22 year old article. At that time the famous Rodney King beating was only 9 years old. In those 9 years, policing changed. In the 22 years since this article, policing again, has changed.


Rhyxnathotho t1_iy13icc wrote

Even though it’s from 20 years ago, this decision was never overturned. It is still the law according to the courts.

> The somewhat sensationalized idea that police academies and departments don’t allow people with high IQs into the force occasionally pops up in debates around police reform. And though the belief is not entirely accurate, it’s not wrong either. There is no official or universal bar or cutoff for IQ squares across the nation, but in at least some states, it is legal for police departments to reject applicants who score "too high" on intelligence tests.

> some states, including Illinois, New Jersey and North Dakota, require officers to have completed at least two years of college education or an equivalent. These states are also all in the bottom 11 of those with the lowest number of police killings.

> The 1967 President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice recommended that all police officers nationwide have a bachelor’s degree by 1982. That recommendation, however, has not been met.


tdigren t1_iy1463p wrote

What is your interest in law?


Rhyxnathotho t1_iy15ned wrote

That’s irrelevant; I am stating facts with sources. Straw man arguments (Rodney King) and an ad hominem attack on me do not defend your arguments.


tdigren t1_iy16sg1 wrote

Oh! You’re one of them! I disagree and that’s an attack on you. Grow up.


Prestigious-Tie2049 t1_ixzy74r wrote

I mean they’re police. They don’t exactly hire the smartest people on the planet.


imightbemichael t1_iy057jc wrote

So out of the two people in this scenario, the police officer is the dumb one? Maybe, just maybe, and hear me out because I know this is crazy. The driver shouldn’t have accelerated and tried to get away.


FinnbarMcBride t1_iy0tz76 wrote

In that scenario, only one of them is worried about whether the cop gets hurt, and spoiler-alert, its not the guy driving the car


Triscuitador t1_iy1nth4 wrote

it's healthy to not trust cop reports. that guy that got shot for eating a hamburger in park could have been hit with the same charge. and, to be honest, the fact that a cop can't let go of a moving car doesn't inspire confidence that the same cop should be trusted with a firearm in an even higher stress situation.


Prestigious-Tie2049 t1_iy05h67 wrote

I never said the driver wasn’t dumb. No one should be street racing.

In theory the cop should have been able to use his monkey brain and let go of the door. in theory.

But as i said, they don’t always hire the smartest people.


imightbemichael t1_iy08o4p wrote

I know everyone likes to play Monday morning quarterback on this cesspool of an app. But it seems like it all happened in a split second. And it’s not like he was holding on and getting dragged down a street for a mile. It seems like he had his hand on the handle. The driver accelerated and dragged him a few feet before his fight or flight kicked in and he let go. Idk if you’ve ever been around cars that are used for street racing but they accelerate pretty quickly. And you can have your own opinion on cops but calling this guy stupid for trying to do his job and holding onto a handle for a millisecond too long, honestly kind of shows your stupidity


toinezor t1_iy0ehgk wrote

The irony is the ones that bash cops the most are the first ones calling 911.


Prestigious-Tie2049 t1_iy0pfy4 wrote

Luckily I don’t fall into that category 😎

I’ll call them dumb, but I really don’t understand all that acab shit

Like who ya gonna call, ghostbusters?


curiousnaomi t1_iy0yvn7 wrote

18 and his life is over. Hard to come back from that level of fuckery.

>Troopers followed the group to a Department of Transportation commuter lot and observed them racing against one another, according to the television station.

Wow. Not the smartest criminals. Let's do our crime on government property!


95blackz26 t1_iy1dhvx wrote

No one said they were the sharpest tools in the shed or hell even remotely close to the shed


AquaNines t1_iy25rqk wrote

His life will be fine. It's a reckless driving/racing charge not an aggravated assault


curiousnaomi t1_iy2qe1t wrote

>His life will be fine. It's a reckless driving/racing charge not an aggravated assault

He dragged a police officer. He's facing more severe charges than you think. Read the article.

>Nathan Delvalle, 18, of Ansonia, was arrested and charged with violating motor vehicle racing requirements, reckless driving, disobeying the signal of an officer, engaging police in pursuit, illegally striking an officer with a motor vehicle, illegal racing on a highway, interfering with officer/resisting arrest, second-degree breach of peace and second-degree reckless endangerment, Connecticut State Police Trooper Preston Zdrojeski told The Middletown Press.


Mike-El t1_iy0w51i wrote

This sub is filled with morons who want to get on the ACAB bandwagon. Durr maybe the cop should have let go….

In reality what most likely happened was that he was holding the door, kid took off driving, and after a few feet at most the cop let go. No matter if it was an inch or many feet it is still dragging.


Nyrfan2017 t1_iy06fy5 wrote

Everyone saying the cop grabbed the door was the officer in a position. That if he didn’t grab on he could have been run over ?? I assume you all were there and know the answer


JimHalverson t1_iy1s50o wrote

Have fun being poor the rest of your life.


jengopeanuts t1_iy41y46 wrote

Violent thug. And to execuse this because some cops may alledgeally comit domestic violence


blade-runner9 t1_iy166bs wrote

Shoot first ask questions later. These punks need some authority in their lives.


ovrhere_ t1_iy1e523 wrote

Were you touching yourself when you typed this?


in_sherman t1_iy09omy wrote

this year i'm thankful that we got a clown war instead of a civil war.


IoGibbyoI t1_ixzg6sn wrote

The cop could always let go.


Nyrfan2017 t1_ixzt8to wrote

The other guy could have not broken the law.. but hey .. let’s keep victimizing everyone… I swear this page will victimize the shit bag from Naugatuck when he is caught


IoGibbyoI t1_iy0a3ry wrote

Cops can enforce the law or not as the choose. It was the cops choice to hang on. No one’s victimizing anyone.


blumpkinmania t1_iy07u1b wrote

You’re making the idiot who chose not to let go of the moving car into a victim.


Nyrfan2017 t1_iy438iv wrote

Were you there ??? Would the officer have been hit by back wheels if he didn’t hold on???


TreeEleben t1_ixzw64m wrote

Dragged? No. Cop chose to hang onto a moving vehicle. He could have simply let go.


Ordinary_Guitar_5074 t1_ixzrunx wrote

It sounds like the trooper was holding onto the door. The Connecticut State Police must have training sessions where they learn to automatically portray themselves as victims no matter what happens. We ought to disband the Connecticut State Police and break up and let local police departments have their jurisdiction.


jules13131382 t1_iy10oor wrote

I feel bad for young people in Connecticut. It’s almost like a hopeless situation here….I’ve had so many racist teachers that I feel like kids of color don’t have a chance in the state. It’s really sad.


[deleted] t1_ixyzjtp wrote

He investigated himself and determined he did nothing wrong because he feared for his life. Sucks but what can you do?