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BobbyRobertson t1_iwqi3uv wrote

I believe there's an active one on Old Farms Road in Avon, they found some paleoindian stuff when they were redoing the bridge and intersection with Rt10 recently. I don't know if there's an archeology season though! The grounds getting colder and harder.

I'm not sure how you'd get involved but maybe the state archeologist or Office of State Archeology is a good starting point?


Absy9988 t1_iwqmi6a wrote

You could join the Friends of State Archaeology email list. They have some digs during the summer; right now it’s mostly lab work.

There was a Mohegan field school around New London the past few years, but I don’t know if it will be available next year.

If you have an undergrad degree, you can find work in cultural resource management firms around New England. The work is not necessarily always excavations; they’re probably some Phase I and Phase II jobs though.


Mobile-Animal-649 t1_iwqkdkg wrote

Isn’t there a big one on the Pequot reservation?

I could be wrong


IndigoGrunt t1_iwr76i2 wrote

There is and I was able to visit on a school trip, they even took us into the woods to excavate. I'm not sure if it's open to the public though.


VanPattensCard t1_iwqpcoo wrote

You can explore what’s left of the Hazard gun powder plant on the banks of the scantic river. The plant produced half of the gun powder for the civil war and exploded a number of times. Canals, evidence of old water wheels, bricks and debris are spread out for quite a ways.


achaete_scute t1_iwsmwlc wrote

Might be worth emailing the state archeologist, I contacted her once about an arrowhead I found and she was very nice and responsive!


B6304T4 t1_iwsrfsk wrote

The rock faces on the side of the road on 372 in Berlin between route 9 and the Turnpike are very heavily researched.


flytweed t1_iwti0sk wrote

If urban archeological digs is your thing reach out to Robert Greenberg via the soon-to-open Lost in New Haven museum. He has done a lot there including current work on Benedict Arnold's likely land/ home and other projects.


blaze1234 t1_iwucmmj wrote

Washington CT ask the Institute for American Indian Studies (IAIS)