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BronzedAppleFritter t1_iwwebl9 wrote

I lived near East Lansing, they mostly have shit pizza and shit grinders (and shit bagels, shit breakfast sandwiches, a surprisingly low number of diners, etc.).

I remember finding a place near the MSU campus that had "Greek pizza" and it turned out to be awful. Some of the worst pizza I've ever eaten from a pizza place.

Without realizing ahead of time because the menu wasn't descriptive, I ordered a chicken parm grinder made with grilled chicken. It's like they were trying to make bad food.

It was a very bland, gray, rusted out, dull, Midwestern-in-the-worst-way kind of place overall. It makes me thankful CT and New England were overall smart and capable enough to do better in a post-industrial economy.

There was a great old-school fast food burger place and one great diner-type breakfast place in Lansing, to be fair.


CollegeDude16 t1_iwzpmh4 wrote

The Greek pizza you’re talking about is almost definitely “Bell’s” that the guy in the pic is talking about lmao. Both are bad, and I think the Greek one is only in business because it’s one of a few things open at 3am near to MSU


BronzedAppleFritter t1_iwzr394 wrote

Oh wow I didn't make that connection, but I just checked the map on Bell's and you're totally right. I remember being all excited seeing terms like "grinder" and "house of pizza" there and then being extremely let down by the food.