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ct-yankee t1_iwwy1dy wrote

Even Dave Portnoy agrees. "One bite, everyone knows the rules."

New Haven is the Pizza capital. Period.


Danimal_House t1_iwx5fv6 wrote

Oh wow, even Dave Portnoy agrees?! Well there it is folks! It’s settled. A union busting frat bro from Boston likes the pizza in CT. Alert the media.


ct-yankee t1_iwx6flp wrote

:) I'll buy you a slice of APIZZA. That made me grin. :). Cheers brother.

Pizza is like a motorcycle... Do what you like. the rest is nonsense.


baethan t1_iwxj7we wrote

He had a little pizza tasting show. He'd eat pizza from all over the country and rate it. I didn't know anything about barstool or him when we came across this "one bite, you know the rules" thing and watched all the videos.

Quite the bummer to learn more about barstool and that guy.


Shmeves t1_iwy54yw wrote

He still does it. I watch a few knowing he’s an ass but fuck it I tend to like the pizza he does.

Some New Jersey spots he just hit were good apparently.


ninjacereal t1_iwxngf0 wrote

Not a fan of him, but he's probably more of an authority on pizza than Jemele Hill...


Danimal_House t1_iwy3cvz wrote

Neither of them are an “authority” on pizza kid.


ninjacereal t1_iwy3ye7 wrote

Portnoys opinion on pizza matters, unlike your opinion on anything.


Danimal_House t1_iwy49cy wrote

Oh man, you actually care about something that dude says! Yikes…. Sorry to offend you bud. Brutal.


ninjacereal t1_iwy54yr wrote

I don't care, but plenty of people do, whether you like it or not. Reality is tough, ain't it?


GoPikachuGo1 t1_iwz63l2 wrote

Imagine being such a salty liberal that you cant enjoy some guys pizza reviews because of muh politics.


Danimal_House t1_ix0yr5v wrote

?.. Imagine being so obsessed with politics that it becomes your entire personality and you attribute everything to it, even though I didn’t mention anything remotely political or “liberal.” Ironic!