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Jets237 t1_iwxphem wrote

Huh? The OP was commenting on “I would argue Connecticut had the best pizza” by saying “I think most here would agree”


Anklesock t1_iwxsj3m wrote

Right, it's the CT sub thus most would agree (inherent bias). However, nowhere is anyone talking about New Haven style pizza. It's a post saying NY style is now done equally as good outside of NY as it is inside the city. You brought New Haven style into the convo - that's my point. And, I happen to agree; I think there's some phenomenal NY style pizza in CT.


Jets237 t1_iwxtmm0 wrote

Fair enough…. I guess since I’m in the tristate area when someone is comparing NY vs CT pizza I assume they also mean style. I do not think there is a difference between the pizza I get in Stamford vs what I can’t find in white plains…. Vs northern jersey…. When it comes to NY style. But you can’t really find much CT style outside of CT so that’s why I jumped to that